A healthy diet along with a change in your body also brings change in your attitude, mind, and mood. No one can buy health but it can be earn by living a healthy life. Keeping a healthy diet is not depriving yourself of the food you love but it is to keep your self-full of energy, improving health and the diet that boost your health. A healthy diet is not complicated as thought to be rather it is filled with mostly fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. For a healthy diet, proper balance of protein, fibre, fat, carbohydrate and other minerals. Some people are worried about their lean body and they want to increase their weight, this could be possible with proper diet. To get a proper diet plan, you must consult best Weight gain dietician in Gurgaon.

What are the fundamentals of a healthy diet?

Protein: This component is necessary for building, repairing and maintaining tissues, cells and organs of the body. Eating right amount of protein is important as in the case of kidney problems, diabetic patients, the extra protein could be harmful. Protein is useful in keeping the immune system in proper working condition. Protein intake is useful in children for their growing stage and in elder people to maintain their health. It has been believed that protein intake leads to increased resistance towards mood-related condition like stress, anxiety, and depression. Fish, dairy products, beans, nuts, tofu, soy products, poultry are the rich source for protein
Fat contained food: Body require the proper amount of fat as such the body need protein, carbohydrates for energy. Fatty meals such as omega-3 are vital for physical and emotional health. Artificial fat and saturated fat increases wright and block arteries, which makes them classified as bad fat, whereas omega-3 and saturated fat comes under good fat. The body needs cholesterol for proper functioning but if consumed in extra quantity it could give the negative impact.

High fibre food: Fiber diet includes grain, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans. These items pass through the digestive system without any break down keeping the digestive system clean and bowel movement functions properly. Fibres are of two types soluble and insoluble which could be differentiated with their functioning, Soluble fibre helps in controlling blood sugar level and decreases the high cholesterol level whereas insoluble fibre prevents constipation.

Calcium and bone health: Calcium is mandatory for building healthy bones and teeth keeping them strong till older ages. Calcium is important in every age group people whether it is a child, young boy, or old people. Due to weakened bones, there are chances of fractures or osteoporosis that leads to serious health risk. Food items listed as good source of calcium includes yogurt, tofu, cheese, milk, broccli, chinese cabbage, and many more.

Refined Carbs and Sugar: Some carbohydrate containing food items digest faster in the body and result in the accumulation of fat in the body, while some carbohydrates such as vegetables, whole grain, sweet fruits digest slowly into the body. Complex carbs result in stable sugar that eventually gives less fat accumulation. Good carbs can be listed as unrefined whole grains, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, fruits, or non-starchy vegetables.

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