A leading software testing company, QA Mentor has announced that, they will offer their high-quality performance testing service to companies all over the world. In this age, where competition between companies or organizations is monumental, providing mobile and web applications as well as software without any performance issues is important. In order to ensure this, QA Mentor is offering their world-class performance testing service, so that their clients can meet the expected standards of software performance.

“Performance testing is a kind of non-functional testing and a vital part of the software testing process. It tests not only the stability and scalability, but also the speed of an application under a specific workload and makes sure that it is performing excellently. With our performance testing service, we ensure that the developed system meets the performance criteria. Being one of the best software testing companies, we check the responsiveness as well as other crucial features of an application or software. With our best software testing services, we detect if there is any discrepancy and rectify them before the launch or release of the software product. This way, we enhance the load capability, optimization and capacity planning efforts. Performance testing is great for identifying bottlenecks, including database configurations. So if you don’t want to lose your customers because of poor performing software, getting a performance testing service would be the perfect option for you”, shared a spokesperson of the company.

Performance testing offers a number of advantages to the companies that go for this service. If a software system goes live in the market without doing performance testing, it may cause issues such as running slow while the system is accessed simultaneously by multiple users. When the usability is poor, the company is most likely to gain a bad reputation, which, in a way, can affect the expected sales goals. QA Mentor, being one of the best QA companies, understands this very well and thus, started offering performance testing services. Their service consists of a variety of different tests, which allow for the analysis of different aspects of the system.

“Whether you want to increase your revenue through improved transactions, decrease overhead costs and eliminate late deployments, QA Mentor would like to be your partner for performance testing. Keep your users happy with our top-notch performance testing service,” shared one of the spokespeople of the company.

Here are the different types of performance testing services that are offered by QA Mentor:
• Load testing
• Stress testing
• Spike testing
• Endurance testing
• Scalability testing
• Volume testing

About QA Mentor
A global leader in the field of QA and testing, QA Mentor offers their services in 28 countries, their clients being startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. They provide more than 30 Quality Assurance and software testing services. As they have operational branches all over the world, they are available 24/7 for their clients’ needs. Their QA testing professionals are the best in their fields. To explore more details about their announced performance testing service, please visit https://www.qamentor.com/testing-coverage/non-functional-testing/performance-testing/