Indore, (Madhya Pradesh): Today, A enterprise SMS messaging solution provider which are offering smart text SMS services from over few years to businesses have introduced the successful launch of their SMPP Protocol after so many developments and with the efforts of experienced & skilled team members like developers, testers and designers.

This is such a great product launched by us to cater to the requirement of high volume messaging. Companies are using HTTP SMS API which is considered as a lower-level protocol nowadays. SMPP really wonders a lot in the bulk SMS industry.

SMPP is designed by us to provide a platform for flexible data communication for the transmission of short messages between SMSC and ESME. The term short message service center (SMSC) is used when referring to the server entity of the SMPP connection. In the case of client application entity of its connectivity, the name adopted by the protocol is ESME.

Being a leading SMPP Software Provider we use the best version of SMPP i.e 3.4 that allows you to-

1.Transmit messages from an external entity to single and multiple numbers via SMS center.

2.ESME can receive data of messages from a mobile terminal via Smsc.

3.Get the live delivery status of each & every message.

4.Cancel or reset messages.

5.Send messages only after confirmation of receipt.

6.Schedule messages for specific date & time as per your requirement.

7.Set a validity period for the text.

8.Allot a service type for each SMS.

9.Define the encoding type of the text messages data.

SMPP protocol is designed over TCP/IP which is based on sessions between each ESMS & SMSC through which PDUs are sent generally that contains information about each SMPP operation. It uses a robust system to exchange mass messages and confirmation of receipt to assure the transactions reliability.

Moreover, we are proud to say that, our SMPP SMS Server API is widely used by small and large-sized enterprises to continuously stay in touch with their existing customers, no matter where they reside in the country. When developers search for a powerful SMS gateway, one of the reasons they turn towards us is API functionality. These include HTTP API, SMPP API, XML API which is fast, simple, reliable and developed in a way that is easy to be integrated with any system or application.


We have established the business of SMS services from 2009 as a reputed SMPP Software Provider. Our headquarter is situated in Indore (M.P) with over 50+ employees in different fields. Till now, we have more than 5000 clients and resellers who’re using our services for different purposes. We offer them SMPP server panel to manage a number of SMPP users under one roof if they have large traffic. For pricing of short message peer-to-peer have a word with our sales team members on 8349217770.