Ecosmob powers enterprises in their quest to deliver customer delight through self service embodied in kiosks. Ecosmob has just launched kiosk software development services for enterprises and expects to revolutionize enterprise operations.

Ecosmob, a global name in VoIP development as well as machine learning and AI developments, announced the launch of their kiosk software development service for enterprises. Speaking on the occasion, the company’s VP said, “Self service is the key to customer satisfaction and efficiency as well as cost reduction. Kiosks meet this requirement perfectly. Custom software for kiosk plays a vital role in the customer experience and in returns for the enterprise. With expertise in kiosk software development Ecosmob is perfectly position to serve the needs of a variety of enterprises.”

The most common image that springs to mind when one talks about kiosks is a stand alone console with a touch screen display or with a keyboard attached as can be found in ATMs and public institutions. The scope has broadened in recent times. Kiosks can be put to good use in any enterprise where self-service is a prime requirement to address customer needs. Banks, insurance companies, hospitals, travel agencies, public institutions, libraries and museums are just a few of the diverse segments where kiosks are gaining rapid ground. Kiosks may simply service as a point of information or be more sophisticated and complex to permit interactivity as well as transactions.

Besides, the scope of kiosks has broadened considerably. It is not just stand alone terminals. Today, one can see tablets and laptops functioning as kiosks in enterprises and institutions. Kiosk app may be made available for use on smartphones to permit customers to carry out transactions or find information without having to visit the office of the company. Software used in kiosks needs to be adaptable to suit device and OS. It also needs to be highly customized according to end use. Ecosmob excels in digital kiosk development to suit virtually any use environment and devices ranging from terminals to mobile devices and POS systems. Kiosks may also serve as passive digital signage or be more interactive with CMS and remote programming facility. Whatever the challenges, Ecosmob delivers refined kiosk software that includes latest functionalities including fingerprint scanning, image capture, virtual keyboard, digital signature, video and multimedia content.

Ecosmob kiosk application development, said the VP, tailors solutions to suit specific needs of enterprises. The approach is agile and modular, arrived at after an in-depth analysis of an enterprise’s operations and prioritization of goals. There is flexibility and scalability in including more modules of functionality in future backed by excellent support to ensure kiosks run uninterruptedly without bugs.

Security is always a prime concern for any enterprise and, in this regard, Ecosmob kiosk application development incorporates multiple layers of security and authentication as may be needed. Centralized control is available in addition to real time communications and reporting.

There are convincing reasons to choose Ecosmob for kiosk software development. Ecosmob solutions for kiosks are fluid, tailored for specific functionalities and fast in operation. Design is geared to make the software user friendly and delight customers while assuring enterprises of absolute security and in-depth data management through a simple dashboard control panel. Best of all, Ecosmob digital kiosk development is affordable and it is backed by 24×7 support.

Ecosmob welcomes inquiries from enterprises for kiosk software and they can be reached by phone on 1-303-997-3139, email or live chat on website