The Light House in Houston is the valuable place to go there every day. The people or tourist comes in the Light House to get the blessings of the Lord, to experience its vibrant worship, to attend its midweek Bible study, etc. It is a complete place where you are welcome any time any day.

If you are seeking to visit Lighthouse Churches near me, then kindly consider the option of The Light House in Houston. It is a place where abundant people visit every day with your sorrows and go back with happiness and satisfaction. If you are new in Houston, Texas, then you can visit this place any time alone or with your buddies. In brief, The Light House in Houston is a peaceful, happier, and a complete place without any discrimination. Any caste is welcome for baptism without any discrimination. The people or community willing to learn or follow positive paths are welcome with core heart over there as it is a place full of the positive and peaceful environment.

Must Visit Churches in Houston (Texas)

The place where worship is offered is itself complete. However, people come in these places periodically because of having tight schedule/deadlines. The fact is that people are going through the period where they are suffering from immense problems like health disease, financial circumstances, family conflict, and much more. Instead of visiting churches or other worship places, they keep them busy for other tasks or sorting them itself. The fact is that church is the best place to connect to God. God listen, everyone, every time. For this, people need to come to get his blessings frequently. There is a midweek Bible study option that offers the people the ways to come out from negative vibes that have been grabbed by them for a prolonged time. With the thoughts of the Bible, they can get the paths which they need to follow to come out from bad situations. That’s why people or tourist while in Houston used to visit the Light House in Houston. If you are living in Houston or new to it, then it is requested to get the blessings of God by visiting this Houston Northwest Church.

It is a pleasure to share that above than 30 ministries offer weekly programs and activities to members and the community. This Houston church has been recognized across the globe for its unwavering commitment to global philanthropy, evangelism, and missions. It was begun in 2009 as a church with 100 members-only which has been grown to a thriving congregation of above 7,500 members who attend weekly services of The Lighthouse Church of Houston.

Join this, one of the remarkable and must-visit lighthouse churches near me each week for three life-changing worship experiences on Sundays at 9 am, 11 am and 1:30 pm and mid-week Bible study on Tuesdays at 7 pm. To get more information for The Lighthouse Church of Houston, kindly contact in the following information:

Phone: 281.741.3693

Address: 6650 Rankin Road, Humble, Texas 77396