The world of gemstones is far beyond our imaginations. It is as colorful and vibrant as the rainbow after a heavy rainfall. From inorganic stones like diamonds and rubies to organic pearls and amber, there is something special in this world for each of us. These healing gemstones have been cherished by generations for their mystical attributes. They were used by civilizations as decorative, ornaments and talismans. At Life is a Gift Shop you can buy crystals and healing stones that are authentic.

Gemstones are believed to bestow wisdom, power, beauty and strength to the wearer. From their hidden powers to their vibrant color and breathtaking beauty, healing power of crystals is offered by Life is a Gift Shop. These crystals have always given the wearers a reason to love them. They add words to a romantic proposal, make an unforgettable birthday or anniversary present, create memories and heirlooms, and they set trends that wearers madly enjoys.

Life is a Gift Shop offers stones for success which are as the trend speaks they are a big hit in the form of a naturally appearing pattern. Chrysanthemum Stone palm stone measures 2.55 inches long by 1.68 inches wide by 0.4 inch thick. Polished with a matte finish they are not shiny. The Chrysanthemum Stone is a dark gray to black limestone matrix with a formation of andalusite crystals that look like a light gray chrysanthemum. It includes more than ten different kinds of trace elements, such as selenium, strontium,* gold, silver and bismuth. Chrysanthemum Stone was discovered approximately 270 million years ago.

Adventure stone consist of amazonite that keeps your brain sharp. Heightens abilities stored in the third and fourth chakras. They have Carnelian engenders a love of adventure. These stones increase vitality and physical strength. Moreover Crackle Quartz encourages curiosity and seeking. Good luck for travel and adventure are added advantages. Moreover Labradorite adventure stone attracts magic into one’s path and serendipitous experiences. Print Stone enables you to trust our intuition.

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