The mylar bags market finds a host range of applications where high barrier packaging is needed to achieve protection against oxygen, moisture and light. Mylar or BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is polyester known for moisture resistance, chemical stability, aroma barrier properties, electrical insulation and high tensile strength. Owing to these properties, mylar bags are highly sought after for flexible packaging solutions in food & beverage and electronic industries. Mylar bags are also used for packaging audio media such as vinyl records and compact discs. A surge in demand for flexible packaging is likely to augur well for the mylar bags market in coming years.

A current trend of laminating aluminium foil in mylar bags is popular where air transfer is almost nullified. Such aluminium foil bonded mylar bags provide high puncture resistance than any other bags made up of metallized polyester films. Manufacturers in the mylar bags market deliver a wide range of packaging solutions made up of mylar bags such as mini pouches, zipper pouches, spout, standup pouches, drum liners as well as custom-made packaging solutions. As an important end user of the mylar bags market, food and beverage industry presents lucrative opportunities for food-grade mylar bags market in the foreseeable future.

Global Mylar Bags Market: Overview

Food packaging industry is witnessing a change in its market dynamics mainly influenced by demographic conditions, new customer demands, growing purchasing power in emerging markets and an increasing use of technical facilities. These bags are made up of BoPET film which possess high barrier properties, a highly recommended property for food packaging.

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Along with this, key manufacturers of films such as Uflex Ltd are also introducing super barrier polyester films that not only offer high flexibility but also offer excellent barrier-to-gas properties.

Since high shelf life of the product is of high significance and mylar bags also eliminate the presence of oxygen from the packaged product, they are increasingly being used in the food packaging industry.

Global Mylar Bags Market: Segmentation

The global mylar bags market is segmented on the basis of bag type, capacity, end use industry, and geography.

On the basis of bag type, the global mylar bags market is segmented into

  • Re-closable mylar bag
  • Open end mylar bag

Re-closable mylar bag segment is expected to account for a larger market share as compared to open end mylar bag particularly due to its reusability feature. Contrary to this, open end mylar bag have to be discarded after using it once.

On the basis of capacity, the global mylar bags market is segmented into

  • 0-1 gallon
  • 1-2 gallon
  • 2-4 gallon
  • Above 4 gallon

On the basis of end use industry, the global mylar bags market is segmented into

  • Food
    • Dairy Products
    • Fresh Produce
    • Meat, poultry & Seafood
    • Ready-to-eat food
    • Others
  • Pharmaceuticals

Ready-to-eat-food segment is the major end user of mylar bags and is expected to account for a relatively high market share with the concept of on-the-go lifestyle gaining traction. This trend is ultimately propelling the sales of ready-to-eat food.

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On the basis of geography, the global mylar bags market is segmented into

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

Constant innovation is the key mantra for industry participants to sustain their share in today’s competitive scenario. North America is not only a highly competitive market but also stays upfront in terms of innovation, hence the region is expected to lead the global mylar bags market.

Asia Pacific is expected to expand at the highest CAGR. The growth of the region can be attributed to an increase in the purchasing power of individual further fuelling the growth of on-the-go lifestyle leading to high consumption of mylar bags.

Global Mylar Bags Market: Growth Contributors & Impact Analysis

The major contributors to the growth of the mylar bags market is the rise of the on-the-go lifestyle which has led to the advent of mylar bags for food storage & preservation over a long period of time. On-the-go lifestyle is highly impacting the growth of the global mylar bags market.

Apart from food industry, the diversified application of mylar bags in other verticals such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.  is also impacting the growth of the global mylar bags market.

Global Mylar Bags Market: Competitive Landscape & Innovation

Some of the key players operating in the global mylar bags market are Uline Company, ShieldPro Flexible Packaging, LLC, IMPAK Corporation, PackFresh USA, Impak Corporation, Sorbent Systems, Protective Packaging Corporation, Ningbo Norent Plastic Prouduct Co., Ltd., and Fine Package Co., Ltd.

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Mylar is a trademark of DuPont Tejin Films and the company has introduced a lot of variants of BoPET films over a period of time. Some of the BoPET films variants include flame retardant films, anti-fog mylar films, and dual ovenable mylar films to name a few.