Immigrants from every part of the world move to Australia for many reasons. Most of them visit Australia as tourists and students. Australia is a great tourist destination. Students from every part of the globe (especially, in the Asian region) consider Australia as a leading destination for higher studies. Everything that we discussed so far is the “good side” of it. We, in Immigration Law Firms Melbourne, are going to talk about something serious. Immigration Frauds — this has become a global threat. Immigration scammers have managed to move people into Australia illegally. Also, they have caused several deaths of people who try to enter Australia via boats and other unsafe methods.

Over the past few years, the Australian border agency has managed to stop thousands of immigrant who tried to enter Australia via unsafe and illegal methods. Behind every story, an immigration scammer was there. People have become a victim of these scammers. That way, you will never manage to enter our country. Yes, more than 60,000 illegal immigrants are there in Australia, and the number is increasing every year. But, sooner or later; all will be deported. If you want a “genuine permit” to enter or stay in Melbourne/Australia, then you should come to one of the reputable Immigration Law Firms Melbourne.

Beware of immigration scams and fraud

Scammers advertise about high-paying jobs in Australia. People who live in developing countries get caught in their traps. Some agencies offer scholarships to study at Australian colleges and Universities. Applying for a visa via such agencies may get your application to Australia rejected. Not like genuine Immigration Law Firms Melbourne, scammers give fake (attractive) promises. “We have connections with the Australian border agency.” “Our agent in the Australian border agency will get you into Australia via a secret door.” Well, not even genuine Immigration Law Firms Melbourne have connections with the Australian border agency. Hiring immigration scammers is suicide.

What do you need to know?

You don’t need to hire a representative when applying for your visa. Anyway, contacting Immigration Law Firms Melbourne is highly advisable to increase the success rate of your applications. A single error can lead to refusal of the entire application. Don’t produce false documents before the visa office. Immigration frauds and scammers may suggest you do it. Anyway, you will have to face serious consequences:

* No entry to Australia for five years or more.
* A permanent record of fraud in Australian immigration database (a black mark.)
* Revocation of your PR or Australian citizenship.
* Expose to a criminal offence.
* Removal from Australia.

Choosing genuine Immigration Law Firms Melbourne

No matter who you consult; an immigration lawyer, law firm, advisor, or an agent; do it carefully. Ask for referrals and references. Don’t hire the first one; talk to a few representatives. Say “no” to fake promises and unethical practices. Understand what they provide you. Consultants are there who provide you only advice. Don’t hire consultants who provide nothing more than a typing service.

Lawyers in Immigration Law Firms Melbourne will represent you in an Immigration court. Well, other service providers can’t do it for you. In my opinion, there’s no point in hiring migration advisors as well. An immigration lawyer can do more for an applicant. Don’t waste your time and money on others so.