Why carry a notepad, a pen, a USB, your phone, business cards and a charger when you can carry them all at once? Make your life easier with the smartest organiser, Pennline Wireless Powerbank Organizer which is designed to enhance the busy executive’s productivity.

The nifty new Pennline Organizer with a built-in 4000mAh wireless power bank and 16GB flash drive is cleverly designed to allow you to charge your phone/tablet on the go so that you never have to pause to charge your phone before a very important meeting. With 3 card slots designed into the organiser cover, you will never have to flip through your pockets to hand that potential client your business card. Streamline your everyday task and organize your work-week and personal chores with the utility pouches. The powerful wireless powerbank also comes with a tangle-free nylon braided 3in1 charging cable, making it dual in nature to support wireless as well as wired charging. The Pennline Wireless receiver kit is also available separately. A Smart Pop-up Power interface is in-built that remains hidden when not in use and which can be used for charging both Powerbank as well as phones through 3in1 cable. There are neat dedicated slots for your phone, pen, credit cards, bills and important papers. It includes a premium, refillable A5 size, 192 page hardbound notebook. It comes in Blue and Dark Brown colour, in a beautifully packaged gift box.

An ideal companion that allows you to be on the move throughout the day while working seamlessly. It is also a thoughtful and practical gift: for the festive season or any other personal celebration! Come to William Penn for this splendid organizer in Blue and Dark Brown in a beautifully packaged gift box.

Price – 5,995/-

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