Automotive Distributor Market: Overview

Distributor is the component of ignition system and an enclosed rotating shaft used in spark ignition internal (S.I) combustion engine. The main function of distributor is to supply the ignition current to the combustion chamber of engine cylinder’s in order to correct firing order. Firing order is related to burning of fuel in the particular cylinder wise. In conventional vehicle mainly two types of ignition system is used battery ignition system and magneto ignition system.  In terms of type, automotive distributer are two category’s carbon brush type and gap type. In carbon brush type, the carbon brush passed by rotor arm and sliding over the metallic part. While in gap type distributor, electrode of rotor arm does not make direct contact with cap that result of no wear of electrode. New sales of distributor is directly related to the new sales of conventional vehicle owing to a single distributor is used in one vehicle’s ignition system. In growth perspective the global sales of distributor is anticipated to grow with moderate growth rate owing to phase in of electric vehicle owing to electric vehicle has no need of fuel consumption. Additionally, in electric vehicle tractor motors is used for propelling of vehicles.

Automotive Distributor Market: Dynamics

Over the last few year, it has been analyzed that automotive industry has come up with several technological advancement in vehicle’s starting system coupled with strict government regulation of fuel consumption and emission have boosted the demand of automotive distributor across the globe. Furthermore, Countries such as Thailand, Russia, U.K., Brazil and others have high traffic density. In these countries the starting or stopping of engine’s rate projected to high. This rate increase the chances of failure of ignition system. Thus, the automotive distributor market anticipated to enrich in high traffic countries during the forecast period. In cold countries aged vehicle has problem in starting of engine. So they are replacing vehicle’s ignition system with high spark power ignition system. This may be create substantial opportunity for the player as well as foster the automotive distributor market over the slated time period. Furthermore, lack of awareness pertaining to quality of fuel in rural area, can decrease the purporting life of the vehicle’s ignition system. This may enrich the replacement rate of ignition system as well as pump up the aftermarket segment of the automotive distributor during the forecast period.

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In conventional vehicle generally magneto ignition or battery ignition system is used and distributor is a component of the ignition system. Some factors pertaining to ignition system is also related to distributor such as problem working at low rpm, high cost and risk of misfire due to leakage and variation of voltage in wiring can occur high voltage are anticipated to hamper the global sales of automotive distributor during the forecast period.

Automotive Distributor Market: Segmentation

The global automotive distributor market can segmented on the basis of Type:

  • Carbon Brush Type
  • Gap Type

The global automotive distributor market can be segmented on the basis of Vehicle Types:

  • Passenger Car
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle
  • Compact car
  • Premium Car
  • Sport Car

The global automotive distributor market can be segmented on the basis of Sales Channel:

  • OEM
  • Aftermarket

Automotive Distributor Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific is projected to be dominate in the global automotive distributor market owing to increasing production of conventional vehicles over the stipulated time period. Europe and North America are anticipated to grow with relatively higher growth rate owing to substantial investment in vehicle’s ignition system. In Middle East and Arica region, the volume share of automotive distributer is anticipated to relatively low in two wheeler bikes owing to unfavorable climate condition for two wheeler rider. South East Asia and Pacific region is projected to grow with healthy growth rate owing to increasing fleet of vehicle and increasing demand of low fuel consumption and less emission vehicle’s. On the flip side, continuously increasing trend of electric vehicle over the forecast period, may give tough competition to the ignition system of conventional vehicle at the global level.

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Automotive Distributor Market: Key Participant

The key participants of the global Automotive Distributor Market are following:

  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • AUTO-LEK (P) Ltd.
  • Holley Performance Products
  • Ningbo Jingdu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
  • Delphi Technologies
  • CEP Technologies Corporation
  • Valeo
  • DENSO Manufacturing Athens Tennessee, Inc.
  • Federal-Mogul Corporation
  • Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc