What is Drafting?
It basically refers to technical drawing and creation of accurate representation work of objects, buildings or houses.
Objects are basically drawn to scale, to comprise a top view, a main and a side view of the object or building.
Detailing work of the same, often used as blueprint for construction work or assembly of the object.
They are used in Engineering as well as in Architecture.
In architecture, it mostly involves in engagement of draftsman to draft house designs, showing dimensions of the house, configuration of the rooms and specification for windows, doors, lights, appliances and other features.
It also involves external detailing of driveways, garden beds, roof type and fencing.
Producing a three dimensional technical image of one object or a building, it makes it more accurate and quicker than a manual drawing.
Drafting services uses CAD and Architecture CAD as their major method of creating plans and designs.

Electrical Estimating Solutions, specializes in cost estimation, calculating the project costs involved in electrical projects. These estimates are used as bids for the work, which can be leveraged against other bids depending on the scope of the jobs. They offer services like
Project Management
Let’s talk about the services that are included in Drafting.
Drafting Services include;
– All residential concept drawings
– All commercial fit out drawings
– Residential and Commercial working drawings
– General Arrangements
– Single line diagrams
– Schematics
– Switchboard and Switch room experience
– As constructed drawing
– Project Gannt Charts.

Electrical Estimating Solutions, offer a niche market service in construction industry, providing complete solutions for business throughout Australia. They posses an experience of nearly 40 years of resolving client challenges related to the operation of the civil construction field. Meeting up their lacks in human capital or to guide them with success in bidding process.
Electrical Engineering Services, Infuse passion into their professionalism and concentrate in enhancing a good relationship with the clients, to be able to gain trust.

Maintaining same constant bond no matter how big or small the companies are, Electrical Estimating Solutions, continue to grow into the same values, multiplying more to it.

Why would you choose Electric Estimating Solutions?
Helping small and large contractors, they aim in building a bond of trust and with their clients.
They continue in solving every high and low challenges.
Having an adequate amount of experience with it’s work, Electric Estimating Solutions in Perth, believe in using these three skills to get perfections with work.
1. Rapport
Offering the best service possible, they believe in working closely, timely and harmoniously. Having a definite and strong relation with the clients, to deliver value based work.
2. Strategic Approach
Small or large, understanding of the electrical sector combined with a strategic approach pays off profitable work.
3. Confidentiality
They believe in keep the clients work safe and confidential.
Not exploiting their work or taking any fatal advantage.
– You need to be innovative with your planning and execution. This helps, with providing cost efficient work.
5. Flexibility
– No long term commitments or lock in contractors.