BadgeMags, based in Cape Town, has always aimed to cater to the needs of the badge and magnet communities in South Africa, and around the world. The company has always aspired to assist their clients in sourcing all badge and magnet related products. Since the company was established in 2002, BadgeMags has earned a reputation for its high-quality products offered at competitive prices.

Apart from manufacturing badges, the company also maintains an extensive network of suppliers and partners across the globe, enabling them to source the products they don’t manufacture themselves.

Products offered By BadgeMags:

1. Badge Magnets – BadgeMags manufactures badge magnets in various formats like:

  • DM Metal: These are round magnets that are suitable for small lapel badges and tie pins. They are individually encased in metal pressings with a face disc to aid the positioning of the magnet.
  • DM Plastic: These are similar to the DM metal magnets with the only difference being the casing. They are encased in a plastic moulding with a zinc-plated face disc.
  • SM: These are the smallest magnets in their range, featuring two magnets encased together in a plastic moulding. They are meant for smaller badges.
  • LM: This is a larger version of the SM. They are ideal for most applications like corporate badges and nametags.
  • MM: These badges feature two magnets, consisting of two dual-strength magnets stuck to a metal base plate. They are capable of attracting through thick coats and jerseys.

2. Badge Pins – The company manufactures pins in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colour. They make normal pins and nickel-plated pins with different types of bases.

3. Reusable Name Badges – BadgeMags also manufactures and supplies name badges that can be reused. They even offer customisation of the badge with the company’s logo. These badges figure a black window where the name can be inserted by either printing or through cutting it out from a label. The badges could have a pin or feature magnetic fitting.

4. Button Badges – The company supplies button badges in a variety of sizes, ranging from 24mm, up to 75mm.

5. Others – Catering as a one-stop solution for all badge and magnet needs, the company also sells a variety of loose magnets. They even stock magnetic sheeting like adhesive sheets, white sheets etc., and magnet plates in the shape of discs and plates.

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About the Company:
BadgeMags has been serving the South African as well as the International badge and magnet communities since 2002. The company supplies high-quality products at competitive prices and is capable of sourcing products through an extensive network of partners across the globe.

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Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 552 7643