Alchemy Personal Training
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Opening Hours: 6AM to 9PM (7 days a week)

Tel: 01625 531 923
Mob: 07855 367139

Alchemy Personal Training is known for its gold standard in exercise and personal training. A certified personal trainer in Wilmslow can help individuals reach their fitness goals in more ways than one. When is it the right time to work out with a personal trainer?

A personal trainer has the skills and knowledge to train exercisers without putting them in the way of injury. When training alone there is high risk involved as exercisers may not be aware of the correct techniques or proper exercise routines. They can benefit and improve exercise execution with a personal trainer by their side.

It can be hard to stay focused or motivated when it comes to exercise. A personal trainer in Wilmslow will encourage exercisers to keep pushing forward even when they want to quit. Personal trainers provide a well-structured exercise routine. They will ensure everyone stays on the right track. Exercisers can train a few times a week and make each session one of review and revise.

When exercising with a personal trainer exercisers will acquire lifelong skills. The role of the trainer is to equip exercisers with the right resources, knowledge, skills and guidance. The trainer will offer support to enhance the quality of life in the long-term.

Spending time at the gym doing ineffective workouts is a waste of time and energy. A personal trainer in Wilmslow will enable exercisers to achieve their maximum potential in minimal time. They will help exercisers learn efficient and effective techniques.

And the best bit for an exerciser is that a personal trainer is constantly by their side. They will have a companion to train, advice and guide them while showing encouragement and motivation to go the distance.

Rufus Bradshaw Master Trainer of Alchemy Personal Training states that, “Everyone is different but changing the body shape happens to be a recurring theme. Whether it is to lead a healthier life or achieve weight loss goals, our trainers will provide programs to accommodate different people with different fitness goals”.

About Us

Alchemy Personal Training is based in Wilmslow and is a cutting edge personal training studio. With state of the art resistance machines and the best equipment, we offer everything you need to enjoy the best workout possible. The studio comprises of a separate yoga room and therapy room, along with fresh, filtered water, towels and ample free parking. We also have changing rooms and private showering facilities. You can enjoy a versatile workout using the highest standard of equipment and our experienced personal trainers. For more information, visit our website on