Happy Kombucha is the Number 1 Kombucha supplier in the UK, offering kombucha in a wide range of varieties, from kombucha home brewing kits, to readymade, flavoured kombucha already ready to consume. The company not only pride themselves on offering one of the most versatile selections of kombucha and other probiotics drinks/products, but also on their prices, constantly offering special offers and discounts across their categories, most recently offering 15% off all of their Go Kombucha drinks.

With 15% off all Go Kombucha drinks at Happy Kombucha now is the perfect time for people that have been wanting to try kombucha to do so, and it can also make for great Christmas presents, allowing friends and families to drink a tasty and delicious drink that they have possible never come across before.

The company are now offering Go Kombucha bottles at unbeatable prices: 32.03 for 150ml bottles and £4.99 for 750ml bottles. The company have the tasty kombucha beverage in a range of flavours including but not limited to Golden Yannan, China White, Darjeeling Black and Sencha.

A spokesperson and representative from Happy Kombucha were incredibly eager to comment saying, “Go kombucha is now being snapped up and anyone interested in buying it at these prices should do so ASAP to avoid disappointed. If anyone has any questions regarding Go Kombucha or any of our other products they should call our highly professional and knowledgeable team who are always more than happy to help.”

About Happy Kombucha

Happy Kombucha is the UK’s number one supplier of Organically grown Scobies and brewing equipment designed for brewing kombucha tea, incredibly passionate about growing the kombucha tea drinking community. Anyone looking to buy kombucha tea, brewing equipment or anything else related such as water kefir should visit the Happy Kombucha website right away where they will definitely be able to find everything that they are looking for and more.

PR Contact

Company name: Happy Kombucha
Website: https://happykombucha.co.uk/
Contact person: Michelle Holborn
Contact number: 01323 730091
Email: info@happykombucha.co.uk
Address: Happy Kombucha
Unit 5
White Knights Business Park, Hammonds drive
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