A remote plasma source is installed on a vacuum chamber to remove hydrocarbon contaminants which are extremely difficult to remove with conventional gas purging methods. Remote plasma sources have usually been used in semiconductor processing applications, including dry removal of photoresist. They can also be used to remove the last layer of impurities from a surface to make the surface clean at a molecular level. Contamination removal from semiconductor equipment, such as critical dimension scanning electron microscopes, XPS, SIMS (secondary ion mass spectrometry), cleaning of chambers utilized in semiconductor wafer manufacturing, lithography, etc. are some of the key areas where remote plasma source equipment find applications.

Also, remote plasma sources are used in gas abatement applications and thin film processing industries owing to their fundamental features. Remote plasma sources supply ionized gases for reactive chemical processes used in surface treatment, cleaning and gas abatement. Remote plasma source equipment is mainly sought by R&D departments of the manufacturing facilities in order to carry out various studies. Furthermore, the demand for remote plasma source is mainly being derived by the electronics industry.

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Global Remote Plasma Source Market: Market Dynamics

The remote plasma source market is primarily driven by the strong demand from electronics products. Growing use of technology in end-use industries is expected to support the growth of remote plasma source market. The coming years are expected to witness robust demand from the semiconductor industry owing to the surge in demand for electronic products coupled with strong pricing. Expansion of equipment connected with the internet will also boost the development of communications infrastructure in emerging countries, which will lead to growing utilization of remote plasma source cleaners. Furthermore, the emerging market for semiconductor devices is the automotive market.

Consequently, substantial growth in the automobile industry is expected to support the global demand for remote plasma source equipment. Despite all the significant benefits of remote plasma sources, plasma processing on an industrial scale has been slow to make an impact on the textile industry. The anticipated release of new operating systems is expected to drive the growth of the consumer electronics industry, thereby creating demand for remote plasma source equipment in production facilities. Moreover, poor infrastructure in some of the developing countries to manufacture semiconductor equipment and other electronics products might hamper the global remote plasma source market during the forecast period.

Global Remote Plasma Source Market: Market Segmentation

The global remote plasma source market can be segmented on the basis of end-use industry and region.

On the basis of end-use industry, the global remote plasma Source market can be segmented into:

Electronics & Semiconductor industry
Healthcare Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Textile industry

Global Remote Plasma Source Market: Regional Outlook

The U.S. semiconductor industry is the prominent provider of semiconductors in the global market. Europe is expected to witness strong developments in electronics and automotive products, which will encourage the use of remote plasma source equipment in the manufacturing processes to achieve high product quality. Among Asia Pacific countries, Korea, Taiwan and China, are expected to continue their dominance in near future. South Korea continues to lead the growth rate in terms of semiconductor equipment market. Japan has plenty of consumer electronics products as well as a prominent automobile manufacturing sector. However, the sales in semiconductor manufacturing equipment is expected to experience cyclical growth. Thus, remote plasma source market in Japan is expected to undergo ups and downs in the coming years. Moreover, global demand for remote plasma source is anticipated to remain steady owing to low penetration of the equipment in the global market.

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Global Remote Plasma Source Market: Key Participants

The remote plasma source market is a niche market and thus, has only a limited number of global players. Some of the global players identified across the value chain include:

MKS Instruments, Inc.
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Samco Inc.
Muegge GmbH
PIE Scientific
Rave Scientific
XEI Scientific, Inc.