Businesses of all sizes can improve efficiency and address their communication needs with Kital’s customizable telecommunication solutions. The company provides planning, installation, and maintenance services.

[PHILIPPINES, 12/11/18] – Kital offers a wide range of telecommunication systems and customizable solutions to help businesses improve their productivity, collaboration, and system. The company provides both telecommunication hardware and software. Its professional and experienced employees assist clients throughout the entire process, from the planning and installation stage to the technical support and system maintenance phase.

Simplifying Telecommunications for All Sizes of Business

Kital provides customized and innovative telecommunication solutions for all businesses, whether they’re small and medium businesses or large enterprises.

The company’s telecommunication solutions for small businesses focus on providing clients with the latest phone systems to simplify communications. It makes sure to provide easy-to-use and cost-efficient technology that helps clients maintain low operational costs.

Meanwhile, medium-sized businesses receive flexible and scalable telecommunication systems. Kital emphasizes the delivery of digital solutions, robust software, and a structured cabling system rather than the immediate replacement of the client’s hardware.

Lastly, Kital delivers specially-designed phone and unified communications systems for large enterprises. The company focuses on providing solutions that will encourage collaboration, improve mobility, and prevent miscommunication. It also offers cloud-managed solutions and training to ensure employees maximize the features of the phone systems.

A Broad Selection of Phone Systems and Partner Brands

Kital’s repertoire of telecommunication systems and solutions include:

• Hybrid Private Branch Exchange and Private Automatic Branch Exchange systems
• Voice over IP systems
• Business phone systems
• Unified communications
• Structured cabling solutions

The company ensures clients will enjoy a seamless installation of their new systems and their additional features, such as call recording and a firewall. Moreover, the company carries systems and solutions from global telecommunication brands VegaIP, Uniphone, Zycoo, and Open Vox.

About Kital

Kital is an innovative telecommunication solutions provider in the Philippines. The company has more than three decades of professional experience in helping small to medium businesses and large enterprises improve their operations. It provides the latest telecommunication systems, including Voice Over IP and hybrid Private Branch Exchange and Private Automatic Branch Exchange systems.

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