Vivipuppy we are pet lovers we are a group of experts from the pet industry, our mission is to suggest creative idea and contets to pet family we love pets; we develop stylish, functional, high quality pet products that are mixed to match the d├ęcor of your home and the comfort of your pet. here at vivipuppy, we want your four-legged friend to be healthy and happy
A modern sense of a brand that expresses the feeling of Vivi style in the traditional European sense, pursuing happiness and fashion with a companion animal. Our dog houses are made using modern engineered wood designed for prevalent quality and basic honesty, and in addition of the highest possible level of moisture, scratch, dent, and insect resistance. Accordingly, our dog houses oppose distorting, breaking and part superior to anything some other wood hound house, with the goal that this will be the main puppy house you have to purchase for your pet.
The house is finished by interconnecting seven bodies and one cover. Looks innovative block structure. It tends to be diminished or extended relying upon the development and size of the partner creature. The seven bodies are exchangeable with one another and can shroud scratches, guaranteeing tidiness and continuance. Froth materials retain affect with the goal that neither the friend creature nor the individual is harmed. In light of its warm protection, it can keep going quite a while with a cooling mat or a warming mat.
Convenient Usability:
A lot of modernity and accommodation are put into the design. You can feel it while utilizing the item. Graduated ruler to check the measure of sustenance Flatware flexible to friend creature’s eye level Plan simple to put in and take out Fantastic edge and eye level.
Vivi Puppy’s wood items utilize birch compressed wood and the most elevated E zero (E0) review of furniture materials. The delicate grayish, the complexity of fine wood, wood grain, and the delicate touch, are all piece of nature’s puzzle.
Are you looking Pet House Supplier Korea and Unique Wooden Dog House Manufacturer In Korea? Creative Block Structure, The house is completed by interconnecting seven bodies and one cover. Reduces and Expands, It can be reduced or expanded depending on the growth and size of the companion animal.