Edenlite Ltd. manufactures greenhouses and glasshouses ideal for planting and nurturing plants under New Zealand conditions. Models are made from aluminium and polycarbonate material and are available in different styles and sizes.

[DUNEDIN, 11/12/2018]– Edenlite Ltd. designs and builds greenhouses and glasshouses for clients across New Zealand. The company delivers the shelters in the form of kitsets for easy installation. The wide range of models is made from aluminium, polycarbonate or glass material, which means they are aesthetically appealing, built to last and fully customisable. They also provide the optional extra of a full installation service.

Greenhouses and Glasshouses from Edenlite Ltd.

Edenlite Ltd. greenhouses and glasshouses are a great addition to any garden because they are effective housing solutions for various plants. Installing greenhouses and glasshouses extends the growing period because it can protect crops, regardless of the season.

The greenhouses are made from polycarbonate material imported from RION Israel – the leading polycarbonate manufacturer worldwide. The greenhouses come in standard UV-stabilised dark green resin frames. These can be built with roof vents, wall louvres and doors on both ends for proper ventilation. Edenlite Ltd. offers a 10-year warranty for all of their greenhouses.

The glasshouses are made from 4mm thick AS/NZS 2208 standard Grade A safety glass and are available in either clear or opaque. They are made from natural aluminium and clients have the option of powder coating in the colour of the client’s choice. The glasshouses come with auto-vent openers for ventilation. Edenlite Ltd. guarantees the glasshouses for 30 years against any defects.

The frames made from AS/NZS 1170 standard Comalco aluminium create a strong and sturdy foundation, so the greenhouses and glasshouses do not bend or sway from harsh winds.

The greenhouses and glasshouses are available in various styles and sizes so clients can choose what’s best for their available outdoor space.
Accessories Available

Edenlite Ltd. believes in the happiness and satisfaction of growing one’s own plants, be it flowers, fruits or vegetables. The company is committed to creating a conducive environment where gardeners can take care of their plants without worry of damage from too much sunlight, rain, winds, pests and animals.

The company offers various accessories so clients can customise their greenhouses and glasshouses according to specification. The accessories are ideal for improving ventilation and insulation, which are essential for plant growth.

The greenhouse and glasshouse accessories available at Edenlite Ltd. include:

• Shade Kit
• Drip Irrigation Kit – harvesting
• Hanging clips and crop supporting clips
• Wall louvres
• Automatic Roof Vent Opener
• Roof Vent
• Two Tier or Three tier aluminium benches

Edenlite Ltd. products are on display in the following locations: KeriKeri, Omana Avenue, Auckland, Cullimore Street, Hamilton and Mosgiel as well as Dunedin.
About Edenlite

Edenlite Ltd. manufactures premium greenhouses and glasshouses. The company supplies their products to gardeners across New Zealand and Australia and has been the most popular greenhouse brand for over 50 years. Edenlite Ltd. is committed to providing aesthetically appealing and functional greenhouses and glasshouses to create a conducive environment to plant and nurture plants. The company’s manufacturing base and head office are located in Dunedin, New Zealand where each product is designed, built and tested for quality.

For more information on Edenlite greenhouses and glasshouses, visit their website at https://edenlite.co.nz.