: Pommama is planning to launch postnatal classes on top of their core pregnancy programme to take care of mums after they give birth. They are among the best providers of prenatal yoga classes all over London.

The women bodies go through some significant changes from the first signs of pregnancy until the time of birth. It affects every part of the body—from hair to toenails. These changes can sometimes be uncomfortable and may result in overstress. It is crucial to note that the changes revert to baseline (pre-pregnancy) levels at different times during postnatal period.

Pommama thinks about mums up until they fully recover after birth and forever after. Pommama postnatal classes will help mums to re-gain mind-body balance. They help mums to focus more on their health and get back to exercise on a regular basis.

Pommama postnatal classes will teach you how to relieve tension in the shoulders and stretch out, helping you to be less stressed and uptight as well as regain muscle tone.

Pommama postnatal classes also have lots of benefits to mum apart from the obvious physical ones. After birth, it is essential to dedicate time to yourselves as a happy mum means a happy baby!

Pommama postnatal classes are available any time of the day any day of the week at convenience of your home so that you don’t need to leave your baby!

About the Company

Pommama was set up in 2017 by Maria Kondrashova, Maria practiced yoga as an antidote to her busy transatlantic career, but became seriously hooked on its mind and body benefits when decided to have a baby. Then she partnered with the international yoga teacher Mercedes Sieff to deliver her three-stage pregnancy yoga programme to your workplace or home via specially trained teachers. Pommama offers at-home pregnancy yoga service connecting you with top private teachers across Central London. All our teachers follow the same programme, designed by a renowned yoga teacher Mercedes Sieff. Pommama’s personal approach ensures that each teacher tailors the classes according to your specific needs. For booking and more information contact them at booking@pommama.com