For years many have been hiding from or ignoring the carbon emissions into the atmosphere. International reports and reports done by the US Government states people need to take action. By 2040 it may be too late!

Carbon pollution is real, even without scientific data everyone is noticing the extreme changes in climate and health conditions. Without question, vehicles are the main cause of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that is impairing our world. Governments like France have implemented high taxation on fuel to reduce consumption that has caused residents to revolt in the streets of Paris. A peaceful long term solution is available.

Government, businesses and private party volunteers must take action to reduce carbon pollution that will more than pay for the cost of treatment in maintenance savings – guaranteed. By increasing the efficiency (vapor pressure) of how fuel burns it can reduce maintenance expenses and reduce fuel consumption.

Manufactures and suppliers do not like changes that will cost them revenue. By increasing the efficiency of fuel, it burns cleaner requiring less maintenance. On diesel motors it reduces particulates a diesel motor omits reducing maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters +/-75%. The cost to clean a DPF is +/-$400, to replace one is +/-$2,500. Every forced REGEN Cycle wastes/burns 8-10 gallons of diesel fuel.

Companies that manufacture or sell those filters and related parts could potentially lose millions of dollars in annual revenues. If anyone is told that using an aftermarket product will void a warranty tell them to please put it in writing. They will not, as there are federal laws protecting consumers (Magnuson-Moss).

There are hundreds of additives that claim to help motors run more efficiently. There is only one no chemical, no maintenance patented in line fuel filter/enhancer that has proven to work for over 15 years. EcoFuelMax is a website that has a wealth of information about a No Chemical, No Maintenance proven money back guaranteed solution to reducing Hydrocarbon Pollution. No risk, everyone should use one, it pays for itself. Whitepaper Report verifies how it works.

For a one-time cost of a few hundred dollars cars trucks and buses can reduce maintenance costs between $1,000 and $3,000+ annually as well as downtime. Anyone interested in helping our environment and saving money can go on-line or call and speak to a human being. Happy Holidays! GO GREEN Burn Clean!