In a world where everything is rapidly becoming digital, it is important to have internet presence for your business. When we speak about internet presence it’s not just the presence but a presence that would possibly convert your leads to sales. Only a website which gives its users a smooth navigation through the site would be able to convert leads. And that is where the crucial role of a hosting company comes in. That is why it is very important to rope in the service of a quality web hosting company.

What is this web hosting thing?

It is a platform that lets companies or people to place their website or web pages on to the internet world. In order for the web pages and websites to be viewed on the internet it needs back end technologies and services. And the companies that provide these services are known as web hosting service providers. With help of servers the websites are stored or hosted.

When your web address is entered on search engines all around the world it will connect to your server where your website is hosted and your webpage will be delivered to them.

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Two important key features FTP access and email accounts will be provided by the web hosting service providers that enables us to make our website more manageable.

What is FTP access?

File transfer protocol (FTP), is a standard network protocol that helps to build connections between the server and the client. It is built on a client server architecture model. It lets users to access files or other data from the internet. With FTP you can upload or transfer computer files from the local network to your web server.

What features do the Email accounts provide?

To enable this feature you must have your own domain name. With email account features domain email accounts can be created. For example, if your domain name is your users will be able to generate domain email account such as

Websites can also be built through a CMS (content management system) platform. There are hosting providers even for the websites that are created through the CMS platform. According to the pricing they offer various features for websites.