Pervasiveness of automation has changed the definition of control, as process operations require efficient process control with limited or no downtimes. That said, the demand for universal process control continues to remain influenced with increasing need for efficient functionality of processes in the open and interoperable world. Technological changes, dynamic economics, budding pressure from customers and competition to enhance manufacturing are few of the challenges faced by enterprises. Universal process control supports manufactures in handling daily operational tasks by carrying out efficient plant management and provides a real time update on the activities taking place in the manufacturing unit. These challenges can be well addressed using universal process control, which is likely to drive the demand for universal process control in the coming years.

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In addition, the expansion of the Industry 4.0 concept in the manufacturing sector, largely supported by automation and Internet of Things (IoT) has led a streamlining of manufacturing processes, which calls for universal process control. The universal process control market is also fuelled by miniaturization that is a part of the “nano” concept which has been gaining more ground across industries. Moreover, use of universal process control in oil and gas industry is expected to boost in the coming years on the back of increasing shale gas and offshore production activities worldwide, albeit a moderate growth of the oil and gas sector. 

Different process parameters & variables are controlled and monitored by universal process controllers. Based on measurement, universal process controllers also initiate controller functions. There procedure typically includes receiving sensor inputs and offering or providing control functions, while its output is controlling signals. It is necessary for industrial manufacturing to go through a process of instrumentation and automation. The major reason behind these processes is they help to optimize business outcomes. Universal process controller assist in efficiently monitoring and controlling the process of industrial production by reducing downtimes of a plant. This market has a remarkable growth potential from several emerging economies such as Mexico, China, Brazil, India and Indonesia. One of the major reasons behind the tremendous growth of universal process controller market is rising business competition between various companies and organizations.

Universal Process Controller Market- Drivers

Integration of control system with universal process controller is one of the significant drivers which is contributing in the growth of universal process controller market. This integration process between universal process controller and system of plant management for process control accompanied by the various processes for power distribution, electrification and plant management system are some of the factors which are fuelling the growth of universal process controller market. Fast and real-time information is generated with the help of such integration and this information is taken from several equipment and various parts of the plant at a control room. These control rooms are situated at a central location.  

Universal Process Controller Market- Restraints

Increasing acceptance of individual process controllers such as controllers of flow process, pressure process controller and temperature process controllers have brought down the adoption of universal process controller. These controllers which are single process controllers are modestly priced than universal process controllers and therefore significant adoption rate can be seen which ultimately create negative impact on universal process controller market. Absence of display system is one of the features of individual process controllers. 

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Universal Process Controller Market- Trends

Miniaturization of universal process control is one of the most recent trend that is gaining tremendous growth in the universal process controller market. Other global trend witnessed in the universal process controllers market is several product manufacturers are making their own electronic and mechanical devices. Various manufacturing companies like Burkert, ABB, and Omega are creating small universal process controllers and also getting importance in the market for automation process. Due to creation and development of small devices the market space occupied for controllers to integrate the control system has reduced remarkably. This is particularly helpful for various end users like pharmaceutical industries, food & beverages and chemical & petrochemical in saving time and space. Later these spaces can be used for more changes and customization to their process machines.

Universal Process Controller Market- Key Players

Sisel Engineering, ABB, OMEGA Enginering, Burkert, and JUMO are some if the key players in the universal process controller market, while other prominent players are Peoples Insurance Agency, Arthur J. Gallagher, Munich Re, Atrium, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Beazley, Gard and Chubb

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