A new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa will be introduced in 2019 by the Home Affairs Department of Australia. This new Temporary Parent Visa will provide both parents & grandparents a pathway to reunite with their family residing in Australia. They can live with their family for a long period of a maximum of five years that’s too continuous.

The Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs Department announced this new parent visa option on the Senate declared on the Migration Amendment Bill 2016 for Family Violence and Other Measures on 28th November.

David Coleman, the Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs said that “the new parent visa option demonstrates the commitment of Australian government to the migrant communities.”

This new visa will allow families to meet and live together. This will be a new immigration pathway for the parents & grandparents both to visit Australia and live with their family with high social advantages to the Community of Australia.

All measures have been taken in place to make the parent visa framework strong. The Australian sponsors need to lead the role of a financial sponsor for all the exceptional public health costs as incited by the visa holders while in Australia.

The new temporary parent visa will be in effect from the first half of next year, as per the press release by the Home Affairs Department.

Till now, Tourist visa was the best option to enter Australia multiple times for a one-year maximum. But now with this new sponsored parent visa option, it’s possible to stay for a longer time (up to five years) without any requirement of exiting Australia every three months.

Now family reunions will be possible for many immigrants in Australia to ensure the Australian Government to recover all public health claims including aged care & hospital fees while protecting the taxpayers with strict guidelines, said Mr. Coleman.

The bill passed without any support from the Federal Opposition.
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