A traffic ticket is issued by the Police when there is a violation of a red light, stop sign, speeding, erratic driving patterns, etc. However, the Policeman who pulls you over to issue a traffic ticket is not always right; and, hence, you have the right to fight the traffic ticket in a court of law. Often most drivers opt to pay the fine rather than fight the ticket to avoid the ordeal of coming to court. Any Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney would advise you to fight the ticket in the court as paying the fine could lead to an accumulation of points on your driving record and also to the suspension of your Texas driver’s license. When you decide to fight the traffic ticket in court, you should not make the mistake of representing yourself in your own case. You must always hire an expert traffic ticket attorney as he is experienced and knowledgeable to deal with such cases. He knows the laws of the State, the opposition, and he can come up with strategies that could offer more chances for you to win the case.

The Houston traffic ticket attorneys often advises every driver to note down the circumstances that led to the Police Officer pulling your car over to issuing the ticket and also to take pictures that could support your argument in court. The attorney also advises the defendant not to plead guilty or talk to the Police and the prosecution unless his lawyer is present since anything spoken by him can be used against him in the case. It is also important that the defendant appears in court on time and appropriately dressed so the judge does not get offended. An experienced traffic ticket attorney shall study your case in detail and come up with aggressive defense strategies and try to find defects in the prosecution’s charges which will prevent the prosecution from proving beyond any reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the offense charged. He would also challenge the officer’s observations and conclusions, try to defend you by showing that your driving was legally justified and that your diving pattern was erratic at that moment of time simply because you were trying to avoid harm to others which could have occurred had you not swerved and hit a vehicle, pedestrian, animal, or some other obstacle.

Whatever the case maybe, an experienced Houston traffic ticket attorneys can help get the case dismissed; or, at very least help to get the fine amount reduced or prevent you from serving any time in jail.


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