They say a smile makes a pleasing impression that nothing else does but even if you speak fluently, your teeth come to the forefront and defines your personality as much as dressing, footwear, and hair do. Teeth care has mostly been an underrated aspect of daily dress-up but now, with increased disposable income of urban populations living in metropolitan areas, the general emphasis on maintaining clean teeth has surged.

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Teeth whitening strips makes for a perfect solution of teeth maintenance, as they are easy to use, lightweight and portable, and disposable. As per the findings of this business intelligence study by Fact.MR, the demand in the global teeth whitening strips market will be multiplying at a profitable CAGR during the forecast period of 2018 to 2027.

Social media is having a pied piper effect on the teeth whitening strips market. Portals such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are providing for a platform for individual celebritism and making general masses personality-cautious. Sharing pictures within friends and family is now a norm and clean teeth are now desired by greater populations who can afford the whitening strips. Vendors of this market are constantly enhancing their products and resorting to aggressive marketing and branding strategies to further push awareness and gain greater demands.

Made out of a chemical called polyethylene, teeth whitening strips as the name suggests, are used to give whitening effect to the teeth. These strips work in the same way like bleach that whiten skin or clothes. These strips are flexible and typically coated with a gel that gives whitening effect with the help of carbamide and hydrogen peroxide which are the main contents of teeth whitening strips. The user has to mold the strip around teeth, for instance one strip for the teeth at the bottom and another for the teeth at the top. Thus, the whitening gel is held up against the teeth lighten them. However, teeth whitening strips do not work on dead teeth as they become fragile. These strips can only remove the stains that are on surface of the teeth.

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Teeth Whitening Strips- Drivers

Increasing awareness about dental health is one of the major factor that is boosting the teeth whitening strips market. People these days are more conscious about their appearance. They think that their smile is biggest influencer and thus the ratio of using teeth whitening strips are increasing day by day. It is not a time taking process like cleaning or polishing of the teeth. Cleaning and polishing of teeth requires dentist which is not only time taking procedure but also is not pocket friendly. Teeth whitening strips are easy to use and they are pocket friendly. Increasing per capita income coupled with rising spending power is another significant factor which is creating positive impact on teeth whitening strips market. Television and movies can also make greater impact on the market. Increasing demand for cosmetic industry is one of the most important element that is fuelling the growth of the teeth whitening strips market at a global level. Earlier, very limited products were available to improve the tooth appearance. However, presently various advanced teeth whitening products are made available and strips are one of them.

Teeth Whitening Strips- Restraints

The effectiveness of teeth whitening strips is temporary. The whitening through strips lasts only for few months. Especially if user is addicted to drinks such as tea and coffee, stains on teeth can appear in just few months. Teeth whitening strips can cause various side effects. Gum irritation and tooth sensitivity are some of the common cons happen due to excessive use of teeth whitening strips. All these factors are hampering the growth of the teeth whitening strips market.

Teeth Whitening Strips- Regional Overview

Due to high price and absence of awareness are two common reasons behind the limited usage of teeth whitening strips among users residing in underdeveloped and in developing regions. Nevertheless, the rise in the adoption of teeth whitening products can be witnessed due to growing awareness especially among rural population.  Teeth whitening strips market is expected to rise at a steady rate as these strips are easily available in almost everywhere across the globe. Teeth whitening strips are gaining popularity due to increasing craze among population to have a brighter smile.