The Low-density residential area which gets improved known as DDA LDRP policy. LDRP Policy is been brought for beautifying the style of the city. The LDRP policy has provided equal opportunity for Landowners, developers, buyers, to purchase products in a price tag that befits their use.
Reasons for LDRP Policy:
The aim of this scheme is to provide Delhi region to be a beautiful city. LDRP Plots is one among the schemes which come under the Delhi housing projects. Farmhouses are made within the outer part of the region. These farmhouses are made in these regions to produce individuals with luxury life.
● LDRP Policy is projected to beautify and develop Delhi in planned style.
● According to this policy, the land for the house is decreased from 2.5 acres to 1 acre with the condition of maintenance of green belt to the benefits of the environment.
Farmhouses in Delhi are now allowed to build on 1 acre of land. Before this scheme, it was not permitted to build a Farmhouse in Delhi. The Government has taken some villages under DDA LDRP PLOTS scheme which comes under the area of green belt. In these villages, the people belonging to Delhi can build their own farmhouse in Delhi and these farmhouses in Delhi can be constructed within 8712 Square feet which is higher than the previous plan.
The Authority of Delhi takes control of all these Farm House in Delhi. We are providing the best ever class design of farmhouses that are brought up in Delhi under this schemes. These new schemes are provided to you with the most cost-efficient one for the farmhouses in those areas that are really beautiful with nature.

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