People today are becoming more conscious about everything and thus are trying to take all the necessary measures such as having healthy and nutritious diet, drinking ample amount of water, doing proper and regular exercise and taking care of their sleep pattern and duration to maintain or improve their health and lifestyle. However, amidst this, they generally neglect the most important element i.e. their skin.
Looking at the environment around us, we can easily find out the dropping air quality. In the last few days, the air quality of Delhi is getting worst day by day, which is causing a state of panic in the Delhiites regarding the damage that it can cause to their internal organs. However, people tend to forget the effects that this pollution can cause to their skin. Keeping in mind the problems that can cause by this growing smog around us.Divya Narula Beauty Expert, Bonton doles out few tips that will help us in keeping our skin pollution free:
• Stay Hydrated and Have Healthy Diet: Nutritious diet and having ample amount of water are the two age-old solutions for every skin problem as they not only help in giving our skin the required strength to fight against pollution but also help in releasing toxins that cause many skin problems such as dullness, acne, pigmentation etc.

• Regular Cleaning of Skin: With a large amount of smog in the air, our skin loses its natural moisture, which makes it look dry and patchy that causes problems like allergies, and creates pigmented spots on our forehead and cheeks. Therefore, it is very important to select a cleanser that not only makes our skin feel fresh but also provides necessary moisture to it.

• Use of Correct Toner and Anti-Pollution Serum: Anti-pollution serum and tonners help our skin in blocking pollution from seeping into our skin. Where a good serum keeps our skin hydrated, a good toner helps in removing excess oil and traces of dirt from our skin.

• Apply Natural and Organic products: Organic and natural products are mild in nature as they are prepared from, natural eliminates and are chemical free and thus do not have any long-term damage on the skin.

• Proper Scrubbing and Massage: Mild scrubbing of your skin helps in removing the dust particles as well as the dead skin and gives your skin a fresh and new look. However, scrubbing also causes a bit of dryness and opens our pores thus a proper massage after it is very necessary. Using facial oils for massage not only helps in closing the open pores but also acts as a barrier between pollution and your skin.
Following these small steps on a regular basis will help you in stopping the tiny air pollutants from entering into your skin or pores as one cannot eliminate pollution completely from their surroundings but can at least take necessary precautions to protect their skin from premature aging, acne, uneven skin tone, dullness, blemishes, and other many other harmful effects.