These days, having a reliable telecom provider is a must for any thriving organization. However, you have to first find one that is both trusted and dependable which is never an easy feat to accomplish. Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur who works alone or a large corporation with many locations, there’s no room for unreliable or slow Internet connectivity. Business Internet service you can’t trust translates to lost profits and profitability. The best telecom providers in Santa Barbara County would make sure that all your requirements are met in the perfect way which will help your productivity and save you money in the long run

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a residential or commercial internet service, companies like Advantage Telecom are experts in their industry and pride themselves on their service, doing everything they can to keep their customers happy and your business connected.

It is only when you try to get in touch with a company that can offer you the best business internet services in Santa Barbara County that you realize what you have been missing all these years.

About the Company

Advantage Telecom is a leading internet phone provider in ventura countythat offers Ventura County businesses wired and wireless hi-speed internet solutions, including Fiber, Cable, Ether over Copper, and T1’s. We can offer you the highest speed available – up to 1 Gigabit (Gbps) – to fit your budget, as we understand and have access to all available internet options in your area. Also, we often build network extensions in areas where the internet is slow to enable your business to have the internet access required to be successful.

Some of the reasons to choose Advantage Telecom

1. We provide the highest speeds available in any area using the best available technology at affordable prices.

2. We offer VoIP solutions over high speed internet. This has the quality of a traditional phone line, since we prioritize the voice over data.

3. We typically reduce your overall bill by 15-40%

4. We are a local business supporting the local community, with people that care about your business operations.

5. We have the best customer service – NO call hold times, NO phone tree

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Advantage Telecom
1445 Donlon Street, Suite 14
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Phone: 805-642-2880