New Delhi, India: Adcom India launched its new range of high capacity powerbanks for mobile named AP-02 with a capacity of 20000 mAH including fast charging capacity in the city recently.
Speaking on the event, Mr. Sahib Bhatia, CEO of Adcom India told us about his struggles to design an efficient powerbank which could ease up the problems faced by people in powering up their mobile phones.
Powerbanks for mobile phones can spare various problems faced by the common public. What about venturing to every part of the entire day with your mobile phones charge deteriorating each second and yet having some imperative discussions left to conceal. Powerbanks are storages of extra power which can be utilized to charge a mobile phones when you don’t have a settled charging unit close-by.
The highlight of the Adcom powerbank AP-02 is that it offers fast charging to clients which implies that clients can charge their phones at a quicker speed while notwithstanding charging the power bank at a rapid speed. This new model is available for purchase in India which amounts up to about Rs 990/-.
Due to non-accessibility of intensity switches availability, powerbanks were considered for its versatility. To stay away from dead phone situations, powerbanks has supplanted the best approach to control up your cell phones.
Adcom India has raised its innovative work group to design high limit powerbanks which can energize your mobile phones for in excess of multiple times its battery limit. Here, the group got up to speed the plan to bring out two variations of intensity limit.
• 10000 mAH powerbank
• 20000 mAH powerbank

These two variations of high capacity powerbanks are valued by the Indian public with the goal that that can utilize both of them according to their cell phones utilization of intensity. These exceptional creation of new imaginative high limit powerbanks has conquered the need of sufficient capacity to energize mobile phones whenever.