The Executive Centre
Level 3 | One Central, DWTC,
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai. U.A.E
Tel: +971 4526 4777

The Executive Centre introduces unique office space with state of the art technology and world-class expertise. They have a professional and friendly on-site team that will work to fulfill all business needs.

As shared office spaces continue to build traction among independent entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers, it has become a private space for the entire team to collaborate and make ambitious plans. At the same time, it is about being surrounded by employees of other companies sharing a co-working space.

Small businesses and independent startups will have the best of both worlds. Shared offices in Dubai combine the benefits of a private office with an open co-working space. Co-working space is designed to enhance productivity in the workplace and amongst employees. Employees have the option of using the shared space but can still use their private space to hold conversations.

A shared office space in Dubai offers the opportunity for customization. Employees in a shared office can develop their own unique culture. It is a space that allows for open, energetic and creative vibes.

A shared office space will enable employees to gain access to a build community. It can become a collaborative environment. Businesses may be able to develop long-term relationships, find partnership opportunities and leverage their ambitions even after they’ve transformed into a bigger company or corporation.

A recent study found 85% of people working in a shared office space attested to enjoying an increased social life. They also felt more productive and creative as a result of a shared office environment.

CEO and Chairman of The Executive Centre, Paul Salnikow was quoted as saying, “We welcome independent companies and businesses from near and far who want more than a standard workspace. They want an environment to thrive and we create it for them. Our support is consistent and unparalleled and we believe our workspaces are designed for businesses to achieve their ambitions.

About Us
Established in 1994, The Executive Business Centre now operates shared office spaces all over the world. We welcome individuals and companies looking to thrive in a dynamic work space. We offer consistent support and unrivaled services that is designed to enable your business to succeed. Have a prestigious address and advanced infrastructure personalized to fit your business needs. For more information, visit our website on