Dallas, Texas, Nov 28, 2018 -Credit unions thrive on a growing base of members, and On The MarkStrategies is keen to help those institutions build those memberships. From planning growth building concepts to creating brands, logos, websites and setting long-term goals, Mark Arnold and the team are ready to take credit unions to new heights.


Unlike traditional banks, credit unions are member-based organizations. Through those memberships, the business operates as a not-for-profit entity. As such, these types of financial institutions need to offer more than essential services usually provided at traditional banks; it is vital for members to have a sense of community within the structure of the business. On The Mark Strategies knows how to help credit unions develop a plan to grow their member base and foster growth.


Start with A Journey Map


Mark Arnold and his team will work with a credit union to map  the member experience at every touchpoint – in person, on the phone and through digital channels. Mapping that journey provides a consistent level of service no matter how or where the members chooses to do business with the credit union. As part of the journey mapping process, employees are trained to engage members about their financial life as well as encourage growth through referrals. As the saying goes, “the best referral is often through word of mouth.”


With the Journey Comes a Plan


It’s not enough to just empower employees or give them goals to work toward. The credit union in today’s world must come up with a long-term plan for membership growth. Through On The MarkStrategies, a bank or credit union can develop the methods that will add members. Ideas such as membership driven advertising,  implementing money saving products that other banks do not offer and loan incentives can all be done to gain membership. Mark Arnold and his team involve the credit union and its employees to help come up with these ideas. On The Mark Strategies works as a facilitator to help those companies grow.


About ON THE MARK Strategies
ON THE MARK Strategies is a team of trailblazers guiding financial institutions in the areas of speaking, branding, strategic planning and marketing services. Technically, they are a consulting firm, but their clients prefer to think of them as trail guides. Their experience as former credit union employees, combined with the customized programs they create in-house, enable them to lead financial institutions through the great unknown. ON THE MARK Strategies stands ready to guide financial institutions looking to chart a new course or navigating their current path.