The founder of Vishwa Vendanta Sansthan Anandji Maharaj will be addressing the media in Lucknow on November 30 where he’ll explain about his strategy which will act as the first step towards construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Anandji Maharaj said that no one can prevent the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya – the birthplace of Lord Ram. He added that the demand for construction of Ram Mandir is increasing with every passing day and the day isn’t far when it will become a reality. The Sadhu-Sants, as well as the common people, are all on the same page on this issue.

He questioned the delay behind the Supreme Court’s decision on this matter and said, “If the Supreme Court can run till midnight to hear crucial cases, then why the delay over the hearing on Ram Mandir? If the apex court continues to delay then Modi Government must take the route of an ordinance on Ram Mandir. The Prime Minister is supposed to take strong decisions.

“It was due to the blessings of the Sants that a nationalist became the prime minister of our country. Now, the government will have to reveal the exact date for construction of Ram Mandir. The devotees and the sant-samaj are eagerly waiting for the government’s response.”

Anandji Maharaj added further that the secular parties in the country do not believe in God. Although, BJP keeps has faith in God, their leadership is in a confused state. To ensure the BJP leaders find some wisdom, one thousand pandits are going to complete the yagna. More than 11000 Sants will participate in the Maha Yagna.

He also added that the prime objective of this Maha Yagna is to ward off all the hurdles in the construction of Ram Mandir and create awareness amongst Sadhu-Sants. The temple could only be built under the guidance of Sadhu-Sants because protection of Hindu society and promotion of the religion is their solemn duty. The Vishwa Vedanta Sangathan also aims at uniting all the Sadhu-Sants on the same page as far as the matter of Ram Mandir is concerned.

“Vishwa Vedant Sansthan has one of its centres based in the Netherlands. The Sansthan has more than 10 lakh members across 21 states of India,” Anandji Maharaj informed further.

He has called upon all Hindu devotees to unite and build pressure on the government to accelerate the process of construction of Ram Mandir.

“One who has no past has no future as well. In order to honour their ancestors, every Hindu should come together and help in the construction of Ram Mandir. Our country is an amalgamation of several faith and communities but Lord Ram is dear to all. He is every Indian’s ancestor and time is ripe to honour him. Every Hindu must help in the construction of Ram Mandir in the honour of Lord Ram,” he concluded.