When you refuse to reuse, its the earth you abuse. This quote itself reveals much more than anything else.
A public interest group said for the current week that it had discovered dangerous substances in various school supplies, incorporating asbestos in a Play School colored pencil and another cancer-causing agent, benzene, in a dry-eradicate marker.

Product and children’s safety should be the top priorities” for a company manufacturing crayons for kids. Mr Deven a Resident of Ohio took this issue as a serious note and discovered homemade organic beeswax crayons.

Be the change that you want to see in the society, This statement was wisely followed by Mr. Deven. His efforts to protect kids from toxic crayons is appreciable.

“When my 2-year old kid licked a crayon, it hit me that he was tasting Paraffin. I threw it away, but I knew I could not stop him from trying another one.

I learnt that more than 3 billion crayons are made every year and about 80,000 lbs of them go into landfills – along with the paraffin that does not decompose.
My daughter inspired me to do something about this clutter and make crayons that are safe for the Earth and for the little ones. I decided to make crayons the right way – Eco friendly and safe for our children.
I started making CrayonBlocks in my garage in small batches”. Deven said.
People are appreciating Deven’s efforts to save children from toxic crayons. Non toxic wax crayons will definitely help in saving the environment.