Bay Shore, New York, USA, (20 November 2018): YnM delivers a premium class healing weighted blanket that controls the power of profound sense stimulation to circulate intense pressure across your body smoothly. It gives excellent all-natural sleep, healing experience to people with stress, autism, ADHD, restlessness, RLS restless leg syndrome, physical aches, and injuries, or pressure.

The heavy cooling weighted blanket serves to ease the high-strung, nervous system by simulating the sense of being owned or hugged. This raises serotonin and melatonin levels and reduces cortisol levels which improves your state of mind and encourage comfortable sleep at the same moment. The relaxing feeling treats to calm your body’s tissues and muscles, causing you to fall asleep quicker and sleep adequately throughout the night.

A weighted blanket should be tinier than your different bed blanket because it should embrace your body, other than your couch or bed. Consequently, when you see YNM counterpart or queen size weighted blanket cannot envelop your bedding, please be guaranteed that it is perfect. Although YNM weighted blanket is light and breathable, you may also feel warm if you are a hot sleeper or in heated climate, it is advisable to use a Fan or Air conditioner.

Why is Weighted Blanket Preferred Over Regular Blankets? Normal blankets have the capacity to make you only feel warm, whereas, on the other hand, weighted blankets which are made with improved fabric, cold touch feeling, claims to be the new second gen blanket which is highly suitable for hot sleepers and offers a comfortable feeling. The outer fabric is made from actual bamboo viscose, soft and brocaded, gives it a satin finish look. Moreover, it possesses an antibacterial function- the rate of bacterial culling on the surface of bamboo fabrics can reach up to 71% in one complete day. There are numerous inexpensive weighted blankets which do not offer complete cool feeling but can be useful to some extent.

YnM retains the capacity to create a unique 7-layer weighted blanket. Our 7-layer system is created to conveniently envelop your body and mold to your shape while you relax and the Higher glass beads & Limited fiber fill configuration allows greater heat control.

Prefer the blanket that measures about 10% of your aggregate body weight plus one, 15 lbs weight is meant for people hefting about 140 lbs. A weighted blanket is meant to be placed the top of the bedding and should not cover over the sides of the bed. While using it with infants or elders, assure the person has sufficient energy to push the blanket off themselves if needed.

Each section has a glass bead stitched inside in a position to restrict the movement and sound while you’re sleeping and render smooth, evenly-distributed weight that mildly conforms to your body.

YnM selling Amazon weighted blanket grants exclusive three-year guarantee. 100% Consumers Satisfaction is confirmed. No Trouble Return policy. In 3 years, if sudden damage occurs to your YnM weighted blanket, we can give free restoration process.

About YnM:
It is a brand which is working to serve the community by producing premium bed products for everyone. People with disabilities, autism, high anxiety issues, sleep-related pressure, insomnia etc will be the best beneficiaries. The organization offers incredibly soft blankets. It provides weighted blanket adult size as well has kids size.

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