First investor Realty, North Carolina has launched a new addition to their property management business – Rental Bonds. This new Rental Bond will help tenants pay pennies on the dollars for a bond that will cover up the two month’s initial deposit they pay their owners as a risk coverage.

First Investor Reality in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a property management and investment company that offers unparalleled solutions to homeowners and real-estate investors in the area. Since its inception in 1997, First Investor Reality has been guiding several first time and experienced investors in real estate investment and property management services in Charlotte.

With the introduction of ‘Rental Bonds’, the company is planning to help both the owners and the tenants when they form a rental contract. The Rental Bond is an alternative to the the security deposit that tenants must pay when renting a home in the Charlotte area. When a homeowner rents his house, apart from the rental, the tenants need to deposit a security deposit to coverany damages. This deposit, which can range from $1000 or more, needs to be paid up front, which poses a major problem for many tenants who can’t afford it. The Rental bonds introduced by First Investor Reality can be a great alternative to the security deposits, with an upfront cost of a small percentage of that deposit.

The Rental Bonds help tenants pay a minimum amount, depending upon the rent. With the upfront cost reduced, the tenants can take these Rental Bonds against the security deposits. Owners can make a claim on these bonds and get the whole amount if there is any damage to the property. When an owner decides to make a claim on the bond, the whole amount, i.e. $1000 is paid by the company which is then reclaimed from the tenants.

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About the Company:
First Investor Realty is a property management and real estate investment company established in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1997. They work with homeowners and investors to provide property management services and investment strategies.