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Children at Kids Island Nursery in Dubai marked Teacher Appreciation Day on the 5th of October 2018 and took a moment to spread the message of gratitude and make their teachers the center of attention. The nursery in Dubai marked the occasion by giving small tokens of acknowledgement to their amazing teachers for their hard work and commitment.

Children also found different ways to show their appreciation for their teachers whom they have grown alongside with since a very young age. Isabelle Amatoury, the Head of Kids Island Nursery notes, “Our teachers firmly believe that the happier a child is the more productive they become. And we create an inspirational learning environment to pique the curiosity of our young learners and engage them on different levels”.

Another well respected nursery teacher couldn’t agree more. She also noted, “As teachers we plant the seeds and water them in the hope that our children will grow up to be the future generation of greatness”.

The children each has brought special treats, gifts, flowers and cards to appreciate their teachers in unique and special way. The teachers were also presented with a special lunch and gestures of appreciation and thanks during the remainder of the week.

The children put on a special show that enthralled the teachers. There were a number of songs sung at the program. It was followed by a speech by the Head of Kids Island Nursery. Thereafter, the children enjoyed the rest of the day with their teachers in the classroom.

Isabelle Amatoury of nurseries in Dubai took a moment to pay tribute to her amazing team of teachers and staff for their immense contribution to quality education at Kids Island Nursery. She further noted, “We are inspired by our teachers and their determination and hard work at always giving of their best. They have had a strong and positive impact on our children’s growth and development over the years”.

About Us
Kids Island Nursery in Dubai was founded 27 years ago by Isabelle Amatoury. The philosophy of the nursery is that each child should be given an opportunity to have the best possible start to their education. The nursery follows the British Curriculum to get children ready for preschool and kindergarten. We have a team of caring staff to support children and their parents as they make a decision to transition their children into nursery. Parents are made to feel welcome in our nursery setting and we encourage parents to offer their input through a range of opportunities for collaboration. For more information, visit our website on