After having designed a wide range of customized lamps, which have received tremendous response in personalized gifts market, Zoci Voci has recently launched Mirage, a 3D effect lamp. With the background blacked out and only picture radiating, the team has created a considerable design while looking to buy personalized photo lamps online.

Size and specifications:

The company has put up the concept in only one size currently – 8 inches in height and 6” in width with 1” being the depth. The design uses LED lights which are powered with a 12 V AC- DC adapter which finally takes its juice from 230 V, 50 Hz household supply. The adapter is not bound with the frame. They have used a male-female connector, which makes the frame usable without power as well, independent of the adapter box and wire. The team uses black vinyl, plotted to the picture’s geometry for crafting this along with laminated prints and acrylic. The design comes fitted with a stand, which can be used for both- table top as well as wall hanging application.

Sleek Design:

Mirage is the first personalized photo lamp, which is in 1” depth. Till now, all frames from Zoci Voci, were in 2” depth. The design team has worked out a unique method of light reflection to make sure the light spreads out evenly and there is no spotting. This is a breakthrough technology in slim panel lighting, and a first of its kind in the market of backlit photo frames.

Why Mirage?

The design stands out from the other customized lamps, by its 3D effect. But it is not actually protruded. The visual illusion is done by masking the light off from the other part of the background, blacking it out. Hence the picture stands out in its entire curve, which looks like 3D. Hence the product is named as Mirage – An optical illusion.

Unique Sale Point:

Though most of their personalized lamps feature more than 4-5 pictures, Mirage is the first table top photo lamp, which uses only 1 picture.
“The idea behind Mirage, is to celebrate the moment. Isolating it from the background enhances the feel of the picture, the memory. It takes it to a level, where you feel visually being actually there.” said Zoci Voci Team, when we asked them about the inspiration behind.


The team has used a lot of black in this design. The side edges and back panel have been made of black acrylic while the front masking also uses black vinyl. The light inside is personalized. The team boasts of choosing the color of light inside based on the picture received. If the photo has natural white light, the Mirage frame will have white and if it has yellow tone, they will use warm white for that order. This is a next level of customization done offered while one looks to buy photo lamps online.

Target Audience:

While this is a level up in personalized gifting, considering the unique 3D design, Mirage would attract majorly couples. With a special moment conserved in such a novel craft, it promises to be a very good personalized anniversary gift idea. Also for to be couples, portraying a pre-wedding picture in such a brilliant solace, can prove to be a wedding gift the couple would love to have on their bed side.


The product images pitch the product in vertical format, but the design is available in horizontal layout as well. Zoci Voci design team will decide upon the layout of the frame, based on the form in which the picture comes out the best. Moreover, the team also avails a small caption/personalized message which can be cut along with the photo on request basis.