Cabinet ABEIS is a legal and authorized Intellectual Property attorney in Morocco, consisting of a group of professionals who have a lot of experience in the field of Industrial Property. We maintain and guard the IP rights of our clients wisely and reach all the aspects of Intellectual Property matters in a cost-efficient way.

We are one of the leading Moroccan Law Firms which gives assistance and advice related to the IP matters within the best quotation possible. We offer the following services – preparing and filing of the industrial designs models, watching and investigating the authenticity of the trademark, patents of invention etc.

Our IP Law Firm Morocco helps you to react to unauthorized use and misuse of your intellectual property in cases like copyright infringement. Our skilled lawyers handle all the cases very efficiently and suggest the best course of action to adopt which suited the case the most.

We offer guidance with Copyright Morocco regarding all the copyright disputes and copyright infringements. We provide proof to the court of law stated that you are the official owner and also enable you to transfer rights to the third party who you wish to transfer copyright after being paid for the work.

Registering for copyright in Morocco is very important and we are there for you to get all the verification of copyright for the copyright holder. All our experienced and talented lawyers provide a tracking system for your copyrighted work development and confirmation of the right.

We give our clients full satisfaction with our work and lead the IP rights area in Morocco and Africa by keeping our clients idea on front. If you are looking for the best IP Law Firm Morocco, then contact to ABEIS today.

You can visit our website to get more information about our services. Feel free to call our representative if you have any query related to us.

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Business Name: ABEIS
Adress: Imm B 4th floor Sidi Othmane Bouziane
City: Casablanca
Country: Morocco
Postal Code: 20250
Telephone: +212 5224-52385