Water Hygiene and water sanitation is a must for everyone and their importance can never be overstated. Impure and dirty drinking water can be a cause of a lot of health-related issues. Out of all, children are the ones who get affected the most as their immune system is only in a developing stage and hence it is far less weak than that of a grown up. Therefore, the availability of clean and pure drinking water is a must, especially for the children. Moreover, access to clean and pure drinking water is every individual’s right. The concerned authorities must ensure that the people are not denied of it.

The effect of unhygienic water is manifold in an individual’s day-to-day life. Children spend much of their time at school. The school administration must provide them with clean drinking water facility. If not, its effects are far worse to even imagine.

Effects of Drinking Unhygienic Water

Impure water can affect an individual in a million ways. Some are immediate while some take some time to show their effects. They cause equal harm to the body.
Immediate Effect

The sudden effects of drinking contaminated water are health disease such as diarrhea, nausea, dehydration. It also affects the digestive system and causes problems such as gastric trouble, Intestinal or stomach cramping, Intestinal or stomach pains etc. These effects occur immediately and can be cured with proper medication. Although, the first step is always to stop drinking contaminated water or else no remedy can cure the sufferings caused immediately.
Long-Term Effect

Long-term effect refers to the diseases or problems, caused by drinking impure and dirty water, whose symptoms do not occur immediately. They do exist in the human body and are only detected at severe stages. It is only after some time that they start affecting the body and may lead to severe pain or other uneasiness. It is then that their severity is determined but until then it, already, gets too late. In some extreme cases, long-term effects also include loss of life.

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