MetaCompliance who are the leading cyber security elearning company have launched a free “Ultimate Guide To Phishing”. The informative guide was created by the experts at the elearning company to raise awareness and educate people on cyber security.

The motivation for creating the guide was to highlight the impact of phishing for companies worldwide and to alert business owners of the devastating affects of a data breach.

This phishing guide is published on the MetaCompliance website. Users can choose to read the work on the MetaCompliance webite or visitors can download the ebook version for free.

Readers will learn about the impact of spear phishing, vishing, whaling, smishing and clone phishing, the free guide goes into depth on all the forms of activities that cyber criminals undertake to try and steal information from unsuspecting internet users. There are various useful tips for people to take to stay safe online.

Whether you are a business owner or just a regular internet user, this Ultimate Guide to Phishing is an essential read to make you aware of all the threats out there from cyber criminals.

A spokesperson for Metacompliance describes the undertaking of creating this free guide as “an essential piece of information for anyone who uses the internet. As a cyber security company we need to be making people aware of the threats that exist right now on the internet.”

Readers can find the Ultimate Guide to Phishing on the MetaCompliance website.