Underfloor Insulation is an essential element when it comes to thermal protection in your home. Yes, when about 25% of the heat in your home can leak through the floor, no matter the type suspended or solid; we should install a thermal barrier that will prevent that heat flow. As a homeowner, you will expect that thermal barrier to serving you for decades, or perhaps; for a lifetime. Hence, we write this article today for giving you a few reliable tips on preserving the underfloor thermal barrier for the longest possible time. Let’s get started!

Insulation barrier will have to come across a few factors known as insulation killers in the long run. As the homeowner, keeping the thermal barrier away from these common insulation killers is your part. For example, you can inspect the thermal barrier or Underfloor Insulation at least once a month for damages and water ingress. Well, this inspection won’t take a long time, but the time that you spend on it will make a big difference. For example, ignoring thermal barrier inspection will lead to a gradual deterioration of the product, which will lead to long-term money losses on energy bills. OK, if you fail to inspect insulation; what would happen? Common insulation killers such as water ingress, mold growth, pest infestation, and wildlife attacks will take place and you will lose the thermal barrier, wasting your invested money in it. Early detection of deterioration is the key to using your Underfloor Insulation for a long time.

OK, what would happen if you choose the wrong product in the first hand? For example, you live in an area where the wildlife presence is pretty high; hence the chance that your insulation will undergo wildlife attacks is pretty high. What is the best Underfloor Insulation option here? Is it batt thermal barriers? No, batt and other softer products can easily get attacked by wildlife; hence a product that is more rigid is the best option in this case. How about rigid panels? Yes, rigid panel insulation is the best option for homeowners who are worried about pest and wildlife attacks. Modern rigid panel insulation products are 100% safe and affordable at the same time. Also, you can install this product yourself as you will not need any machines for the installation. How to cut a rigid panel? Well, you don’t need a chainsaw here. You can use a cutting knife here.

Underfloor Insulation installation

Proper thermal barrier installation in the first-hand increases the long life of the product to a greater extent. Also, this refers to minimizing the chance that insulation killers get up to the thermal barrier. For example, make sure you fix all existing water leaks before installing Underfloor Insulation as installing it without fixing the leaks can lead to long-term water ingress, and this water ingress will damage the product and reduce the overall efficiency as well. These inspections and corrections could be beyond your limits. Which means you will have to hire experts in the industry for top-class end results. A quick tip: hire a full-service thermal barrier supplier in your city that offers the broadest product range, free advice, and delivery services including installation services. You can go with us, NoGap here. We are one of the best insulation suppliers in Australia, and we provide comprehensive insulation services across the Melbourne region. Call us today for more information!