Both Enact and ISOS Group have long pioneered global movements toward non-financial disclosure and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet through their collaboration with the Global Reporting Initiative as Certified Training Partners. In this mutual capacity, Enact and ISOS have supported the advancement of transparency among some of the world’s most trusted brands such as IKEA, Volvo Cars, TED, Hertz, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Pattern Energy, and more.

In discussing the next wave of expectations from the international community, investors and consumers alike, the two determined that deeper collaboration was needed to help transform the way companies equate assets and drive value. The International Integrated Reporting Council’s Framework would be the avenue to draw the correlation between traditional accounting models and the non-financial, to provide a more holistic picture of the company’s value creation, business model and strategy. For example, in a 2015 study looking across component companies of the S&P 500, intangible assets accounted for just 17% of total market value in 1975 but 80% by 2010. Essentially, capital should now be seen as multi-dimensional.

Though it’s taken a while for the market to take hold of this concept, we may finally be at a turning point – where mainstream investors are requesting this information, and many stock exchanges, like the pioneering South African exchange, require a ‘report or explain’ approach.

“Integrated reporting, combined with all other schemes under our consultancies’ toolkits, contributes to a more efficient and effective practice need to pull this all together in one publication.” – Nancy Mancilla, ISOS Group CEO & Co-Founder

Though the uptake is characterized by the publicly-traded, non-listed organisations can also benefit from Integrated Reporting.

Education is still needed.

”An interesting aspect about our offering of Integrated Reporting trainings is that they attract both sustainability and financial professionals. Our Integrated Reporting trainings offer a pressure cooker for those two ‘worlds’ to come together and cooperate”. – Mattias Iweborg, Founder and CEO of Enact Sustainable Strategies.

The partnership between Enact and ISOS Group intends to scale knowledge and lend to advancements in reporting, while sharing best practice accumulated over time at each firm. Approved by the IIRC, both one- and two-day trainings will be offered. To celebrate the partnership, representatives of both firms will ignite the U.S. market by co-delivering a training in New York City the first quarter of 2019.

Refer to ISOS Group’s website ( as training dates and cities are locked in.