(November 21, 2018) – Today, CFA certification is one of the reckoned benchmarks from the world of investment. Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas, bags in additional excellence with the successful accomplishment of his CFA training. He received his final CFA certification while he was serving as a Kaplan Genesis trainee during the Charter Award Ceremony for CFA (UAE).

One of the professionalism benchmarks from the land of Universal Financial Committee is CFA charters. Accredited for high ethical standards and professionalism, CFA charter stands as one of the unparalleled testaments. It was the sheer dedication and broad investment knowledge of Dr. Yaseen AlKamas to achieve excellence in this CFA charter.

Kaplan Genesis (Emirati investment and finance training institution) was extremely proud to announce the achievement of Dr. Yaseen AlKamas. Accomplishing the essential criteria for proficiently passing all the three levels of CFA, today, Dr. Yaseen AlKamas stands as a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering and CFA charter holder.

Besides his professional excellence, Dr. Yaseen is one of those personalities with a humble and down to earth nature. He is also a great motivator and highlights the importance of continuing knowledge acquisition to excel in your chosen domains.

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