What Is a TENS Unit?
The TENS unit has been a popular pain reliever across clinics and hospitals. Doctors often suggest a few sessions of TENS unit therapies for quicker relief to patients suffering from pains in arms, thighs and even backache.
Until recently, these devices were highly priced and were beyondaffordability for in-home use. Medvive has introduced a pocket-friendly TENS unit that is very small and hence portable. The pain-suffering patient can easily carry it along to anyplace. Since it operates on battery, it can be used for pain relief evenon the move!
How Does The TENS Unit Work?
TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and the TENS unit is an electronic device that uses low voltage electrical impulses to offer instantaneous relief to the aching body parts.
It works on the “gate control theory of pain”.There are two electrodes that carry the electric pulse from the device to the skin at the aching body part.According to the theory, to eliminate backpain, the stimulating nerves close the “gate” mechanism in the spinal cord.The electric pulses travel along nerve fibers and createa tingling sensation.
The TENS unit has been phenomenal in treating patients with severe back pain.For the first few sessions, using the TENS unit gives immediate relief but the pain is felt shortly after the TENS unit session is finished. Regular sessions stimulate the nerves for the body to produce its own natural painkillers called the endorphins.
How To Use The Tens Machine?
It is very easy and convenient to use a TENS machine. The Medvive TENS unit comes bundled with an instruction manual that helps you with the proper steps to use the device. You may still consult your doctor and ask for his assistance to show you how to use the device.
We do not suggest anyone with a pacemaker to use the TENS unit. Also, pregnant women must avoid using the TENS unit in the initial few weeks of pregnancy. Following are a few quick measures :
• Do not use the device while bathing, driving or sleeping
• Do not use the unit with a heating or cooling pad
• Always clean the skin beneath the electrodes every few weeks
• Do not place electrodes on the irritated skin
• If you get a burn or a rash after using the TENs unit and it does not go away even after six hours of having used it, you must visit your doctor in a priority.
The TENS unit offers different levels of comfort to different patients. If you feel uncomfortable from its regular usage, stop from any further usage and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Medvive electronic device is FDA approved and comes programmed with 16 modes. Ideal for backpain patients, this is an economical solution for quick relief. Shop now on Amazon!