Kenneth Kelley came up with the innovative idea of improving the on the available devices on personal security as well as reducing crime rates, especially those that happen in lonely and secret places. This idea was borne out of his personal experience of being involved in a car accident, and unable to contact his family members or friends. His phone screen was shattered and blurred as a result of the accident, and as a result, he could not get the phone numbers of his relatives or associates. He recognized how people in danger and in need of help required a swift and dependable method of calling for and getting help in such situations.

Furthermore, he ironically discovered that even though the number of people who own phones is increasing in the United States, the rate of crime was increasing astronomically. Kenny Kelley reasoned that this may be because most people who are victims of crime cannot reach for their phones when faced with emergency situations, no matter their level of preparedness. It was then that he decided to come up with a device that will work swiftly, but quietly to assist individuals both in emergencies such as accidents and when facing criminals. With such a device, he reasoned, they can get to call emergency services like the police or their family members, as well as friends.

The result of this idea was Silent Beacon, personal safety technology that individuals can wear or attach to their key latch. It is a wearable device, designed to offer speedy assistance to those who need it. This device is like a small fob, which enables users to instantly find, trace and be in contact with loved ones who need emergency help using Bluetooth. The company that he established to produce this safety device is also called Silent Beacon and is located by his home town of Potomac, Maryland.
The company got the initial capital for the manufacturing the safety technology, including the tooling and shell of the design through a crowd-funding campaign through This, according to Kenny Kelley was to seek support for the product, while also keeping the price low enough for everyone to be able to afford.

The Silent Beacon app is currently available for download for Apple iOS, Android, and Amazon Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets. Presently, the Silent Beacon can only be obtained through the company’s website, but Kelley is optimistic that the product will be available in consumer electronic stores and outlets very soon. He also anticipates that cell phone accessory stores such as Best Buy and Nebraska Furniture Mart, as well as many others will start selling the Silent Beacon.  He revealed that a lot of local stores are also very enthusiastic about the product and it will be provided for them to start retailing soon.

Because of his passion for the security of lives and property, save lives and offer tranquility to families when their loved-ones travel or are on their own, Kenneth Kelley decided against selling the company when he was offered eight figures for the rights to Silent Beacon. He is also driven by the belief that the Silent Beacon will drastically reduce the rate of crime in the US, and create a safer World.

Mr. Kelley is not just an inventor; he is also interested in animal rights and conservations, and is currently serves as the vice chairman of the Montgomery County Partners for Animal Well-Being, MCPAW, which is the charity arm of Montgomery County’s new animal shelter.