We all have some really close friends whom we like a lot and share everything with them .but when a friend turns foe he could be worse enemy than anyone else since he knows you well.

He might just put you on hex due to jealousy or greed or to take revenge. You have to look out for some signs to check if he has put black magic on you or not. There are some specific signs with which you can check for black magic done you by your friend like-

Ailing health-whenever you are under the spell of black magic then the first thing that it will hit is your bodily health .you will become weak and restless and you will fall ill on the regular basis or you may just sustain some physical injuries by the way of accident or otherwise.

Mental heath-You mental health too will be affected as you will be under constant worries or stress needlessly and without any actual reason at all. Fear, anxiety, depression etc might just feature in your thoughts and behavior all the time .You may actually have a lot of illusions and start hallucinating at times imagining things that are non-existent.

Finances-Your financial stability too will be affected as you may just lose your job and suffer badly at your business by incurring heavy losses in your business deals. You will always be having shortage of funds as all your wealth will drain away from you. You will run really high on debts.

Personal life-Your personal life too will be shattered as you may lose all your relations and be deprived of all your friends and acquaintances and be left alone. You may start quarrelling needlessly with all your friends and relatives and may never have any steady and harmonious relations with anyone.

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