Japanese designer retail brand, MINISO has recently stepped into Personal Hygiene segment in India. Understanding the importance of women hygiene, MINISO has launched an affordable range of user friendly and eco friendly sanitary napkins. The pads are in the price range of Rs 230 – 290, and are available across all MINISO stores in India.
With India focusing towards women health and hygiene, MINISO initiated to promote this idea by entering into this new segment and establish its presence. According to the needs, the company has launched both day care and night care pads aiming to provide upto 12 hours of protection. Designed to ensure healthy and stress free life during the menstrual cycle, the company has developed the pads with soft and silky touch.
Mild Cotton Ultrathin Regular Pads and Tender Breeze Ultrathin Regular Pads are available to guard a day’s long schedule. Easing out period days, both these pads are made of pure cotton giving a comfortable feel during the periods. Also to keep away the leakage, these pads provide long lasting absorption which is 100% non-fluorescent and anti- allergic. Tender Breeze pad is an ultra-light and thin with feather like touch. These sanitary pads are bundled with breathable holes and groove, smoothing menstrual days.
MINISO is offering four variants for the complete night protection. These are enhanced version of the regular pads, and are available as Mild Cotton Ultrathin Long Pads, Tender Breeze Ultrathin Long Pads, Tender Breeze Overnight Pads and Mild Cotton Thin Overnight Pads with leakage protection. Embedded with super absorption, side leakage prevention and oozing prevention, these pads are soft and thin keeping you free from both allergies and irritation.
Period is also a time when a woman goes through unbearable cramps. To ease out this pain, MINISO has also introduced menstrual cramp relief pack. Adding more to your gentle care period, the ultrathin and lightweight pack gives effective relieve to your muscle soreness and menstrual cramps. Maintained at a constant temperature of 50 degree Celsius, the long lasting heat dissipation of the pack is an added feature. Additionally, the pack contains essential oil to relieve the tension of the uterine cavity.
Easy to carry, pocket friendly and designed with different variants, the soft, thin and qualitative sanitary napkins of MINISO should be a part of women’s shopping essentials.