KGEC (Korean Ginseng Export Corporation) is a company found with the goal of making the excellence of Korean ginseng known to and enjoyed by people around the world.
Our company has produced top-quality products through its strict hygienic control and quality control systems covering all activities from cultivation of ginseng to production in its own plant, which has received various certifications including ISO, GMP, and HACCP.
Our company has made and will continue to make R&D efforts for your health and promises to afford you top-end functional products having new healthful ingredients.
Korean Honeyed Red Ginseng Root
• Packaging classification : 30g x 10 packets (300g)
• Directions: Take 2-3 times per day, sliced or whole
Korean Red Ginseng Powder / Ginseng Powder
• Packaging classification: 180g, 120g, 60g
• Directions: Take once daily, dissolve approx. 2g in water, or add to raw food or Zen food.
Korean Honeyed Red Ginseng Slices
• Packaging classification : 200g (20g x 10 packets)
• Directions: Take several times a day. Good as an accompaniment to drinks, a nutritious snack, and depending on your preference can also be consumed as a tea by immersing in boiling water
Korean Red Ginseng Candy and Jelly
• Packaging classification : 300g, 120g
• Directions: Take several times a day. We recommend trying it as dessert alongside a red ginseng tea.
Korean Ginseng Drink
• Packaging classification : 120ml x 10 bottles
• Directions: Drink 1-2 bottles daily. Shake well before drinking. Some sediment may occur but this will not affect the quality or taste
La Vivant
KGEC offers top quality Korean Red Ginseng products like ginseng stick, ginseng root, ginseng extract, Korean red ginseng stick / LAVIVANT, ginseng tea, candy, jelly and so on.
Korean Red Ginseng Powder Capsule / Ginseng Powder Capsule / LAVIVANT
• Packaging classification : 300mg x 180 capsules / 120 capsules / 60 capsules
• Directions: Take approx. 2 capsules once daily with water. In the case of children under 13 years of age, reduce the dosage by half.
Want to buy Honeyed Red Ginseng Root and Korean Red Ginseng Stick? KGEC, a patent red ginseng product manufacturer offers Korean Honeyed Fermented Red Ginseng Roots, slices, candy, jelly and drink.