Ratio II Free Diver Professional 200M Quartz 36JL140 Men’s WatchThe Ratio freediving watches are not quite the usual diving watches that you come across. But they relate to the water, so picking one up from the array sets you moving in the right direction. You get them both on steel bracelets and silicon rubber straps but as someone who rushes to the seaside every given opportunity, you will feel comfortable to know that the Ratio watches fits over the diving suit amazingly and sticks there too! The heavy-set buckles and clasp are tough nuts to break! This is especially true for the extendable rubber strap folded like the bellow of a squeeze box; it absorbs the shocks resulting from sudden pulls and lessens the load from upon the buckle and the clasp.

A lot of people dislike wearing a bracelet in the waters but some do not. For them, just a Ratio II Free Diver Professional 500M Automatic Men’s Watch or a Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic Men’s Watch would be sufficient. They are rather inexpensive for what they are. Are you aware that they also perform equally well on land and in the air? There’s no way you are going to feel anguished or ill-equipped to test their mettle! They are designed to complement their chunky appearance; as state-of-the-art as some of the high-end watches with a cost many of us find to be prohibitive.

Therefore, if by any means your Ratio Freediver watch ends up in Davy Jones’ Locker, you will not go back to the seller and demand restitution. You’ll simply buy another to fill your empty wrist.

A Ratio Freediver watch is best suited for 25 year olds and above. Unless you are a big-framed teenager, don’t go for it. And it’s certainly not meant for babies.

Those looking for an upgrade from quartz analog and/or digital wrist wear shall find the Ratio Freedivers an awesome option, which might also get you planning about becoming a collector! This is one watch to be with you every single second, every day. From the office to the beach, back to business meetings and more, it fits (and meets) your every required criterion. Every Ratio watch is versatile and sturdy, with simple, clean dials, no complications or visually-deterring elements. Instead, they are designed to provide optimum visibility even under turbulent conditions. You acquire a Ratio Freediver rather than collect or buy! These watches see through all situations unless it’s almost close to a nuclear blast. They are predictable i.e. they won’t break.

Bottom line: High-priced, famous watches get it in their own ways, but you will not feel anywhere near to put their reliability and toughness under real tests willingly. A Rolex will survive even when your yacht sinks at mid-sea. Chances are bleak you’ll go to that extent on a regular day, knowingly. Here, the New Ratio Watches chime in.