New Delhi, 6th November 2018

Ever wondered what Maharaja’s at their Royal palaces eat for their dinner? From understanding what all goes into the making of a royal meal to stealing some royal recipes, Samira is all set to take you for a Rich Food adventure.

FYI TV18 brings to you, their all new series, ‘Royal India with Samira’ premiering on, November 8th, every Thursday and Friday, 9:30 PM

Samira Nanda a New York celebrity chef, embarks on a journey to discovers the origins of the Royal Indian cuisine. She finds exclusive access to the Royal palaces convinces chefs to part with their secrets while cooking with them and gives you a peek in to India’s rich royal culinary heritage.

Samira’s passion for food and cooking stems from watching three generations of women in her family cook the best Indian food, with a health conscious element.

In this series “Royal India With Samira” she travels to fabulous palaces, meets Kings and Princesses, and cooks with Royal chefs to bring you their favourite dishes.